Where to Buy Deep Pocket Sheets for Your Deep Mattress

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Making your bed should not be a difficult experience, but it can be frustrating if you haven’t purchased the right linens.

The fitted sheet should encase the mattress firmly to create a smooth, crease-free surface to sleep on. It also shouldn’t unravel off the bed throughout the night movement. This can interrupt your sleep and no one has time of interrupted sleep!

The increased demand on foam mattresses offering a cloudlike sleep experience has meant standard fitted sheets may not be big enough to encase the mattress.

Standard pocket sheets will typically fit a mattress that is 20 – 35cm in depth.

But mattresses with an extra layer of comfort – also known as deep mattresses, will have a depth of 30cm – 50cm.

Deep pocket sheets are the best sheets for a thick mattress to ensure a firm fit, but also prevent the sheets loosening through the night.

Manchester Collection have a range of deep pocket sheets to suit various depths of mattresses. They also come in range of colours, so you can mix your linens when styling the bed.

There are 3 main bed making mistakes with a deep mattress. Check them out to prevent frustrations of styling a high bed.

Not using deep pocket sheets

Fitted bed sheets are meant to be the first layer over the mattress protector. Any added layers on top of the mattress need to be allowed for when choosing your sheets.  

The higher the mattress, the comfier the sleep but it can be hard to find sheets to fit a mattress with all the extra layers underneath.

Deep pocket fitted sheets will easily encase your mattress and they won’t pull away when slept on.

Always choose a quality sheet with an elasticized opening to ensure the sheet firmly grips the under rim of the mattress. A great tip is to look for the new wider elastic hems as used in Manchester Collection’s new hoteluxe sheeting range, which allow for easy fitting of fitted sheets. Available in sheet sets or a separately as a fitted sheet, all feature a 3cm ribbed elastic.

Purchasing the matching duvet/quilt size to the size of the mattress

It’s a bed styling rule to purchase the next size up duvet/quilt so it has extra drape. This is even more important with a deep mattress. You shouldn’t see any of the sheets or blanket layers folded under the mattress nor where the mattress meets the bed base.

Too many European sized cushions

A deep mattress will sit higher against your bedhead so it can look odd if the European sized cushions cover the bedhead. 

Layer rectangular pillows and cushions by having some pillows piled flat and others leaning against the bedhead for a not-so-rigid- bed look. Choose similar sized cushions when dressing a deep mattress and ensure the bedhead can be seen.

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