What do you want me to blog about?

What’s happening my life? Well what’s not happening!
I am a crazy little critter this week. My phone has stopped, I am attached to this computer, my kids have their Mummy back and my husband had lunch this week for the first time since March!
So 2011 has been massive for me… I don’t intend on letting it just end there. Uh uh. I’ve got plans baby.
But I wanna keep blogging my heart out. I am re-branding it in the next few days and I’d love to know what you’d like to read about?


  • Jane

    You've just had the most life changing experience surely. I love your sense of humour. if you go back to basics, i think everyone who follows loves you for you, so blog from your heart, whatever comes. followers will come and go, some follow because everyone else is, others follow because they can relate to what your saying or feeling. just be you. you're great!
    happy friday. Jane x

  • Jenny

    Hi Katrina, you and Aimie did so well on the block and I am really sorry you didn't get some financial gain out of it, but I am sure the whole experience will open some new doors for you and I wish you well. Keep blogging along because we all enjoy your sense of fun. 😉

  • Ellie

    Katrina I think you and Amie were excellent in The Block and I love your blog!!! I'd love to hear more about your design work with media mad! I'm currently studying graphic design and love to hear about creative people!! Keep blogging for sure! Ellie……..x

  • Ellie

    Katrina I think you and Amie were excellent on The Block and I love your blog!! I'd love to hear more about your design work with Media Mad! I'm about to recommence my studies in graphic design and love to hear about creative people!! Keep blogging for sure! Ellie……….x

  • Simone

    Welcome back. Things I loved whilst watching you on the block, your style, keeping it real the good and the bad, your sense of humour aka CWA. I love reading blogs that inspire and educate me how to live the good life, keeping in mind a real budget. And of course as an amateur blogger I really appreciate you sharing your media how to's. Best wishes for the re-branding x

  • Home is where the ♥ is

    Hi Katrina, like Jane said, we read your blog because we love you for you. We follow you because of your openness, your sense of humour and your down to earthiness. And because we've journeyed with you on the Block – we laughed with you and we cried with you. We don't mind what you blog about, be it day to day stuff a busy mum goes through or the creative side of your business or whatever journey is ahead for you and Amie. We love it all!! Best wishes for a bright future.
    Alison x

  • Elements

    I love how you blog at the moment KC, exactly what you are thinking and doing. I would love to hear about what's going on now and how any of your new ventures start. How does a Mummy that has been on the block go back to "normal" life and when will the roller coaster slow down or does someone keep pressing the "go" button.
    Just reading your journey here is more exciting than any "womans mag" article as its from the heart and not based on your Target market or what the editor wants to spin the article about……..
    Whats the new home like are you all settled?

  • Alicia ~ Time Worn Style

    wow tricky one! well I liked your blog anyway so not sure. I always hear the term "keeping it real" bandied about in blogland. what in fooks sake does that mean anyway, should you share your bra size, etc etc?? well you have been pretty well laid bare for all of Australia during the blocky experience so perhaps continue on where its left off. I'm sure there is still lots to come!

  • Cherie

    Im just new to reading your blog and I can't wait to go back through all our posts and read about your time on the block. This really has been an exciting year for you. My family has loved watching the block and getting lots of decorating ideas, our home and business were both devastated in the January floods and we had to live with my inlaws for 4 months while our home was gutted and rebuilt. I like you, love facebook and blogs even though my own blog is very sad looking due to the fact time and life have just got in the way. Can't wait to read what happens next in your life. Have a great Friday, Cherie .

  • Lindy

    agree with the other ladies – we love your personality so hearing what life is like post The Block and just the everyday stuff sounds good to me. I'm a fellow mum of boys so always interested to hear about that stuff too!

  • Calico Child

    Woop wooh sounds great looking forward to hearing & seeing it all :))

  • Julie-Ann

    I don't think I could say it any better than Elements has. I love to just know how you are going and to hear about the adventures you and your gorgeous boys have everyday. I am sure wonderful things will be coming your way:)

  • LukaMish

    i would love to hear about all your new adventures!! Love your blogging style x

  • Margaret

    Kat, I really enjoyed you on The Block and was a bit mad when your place didn't sell! I love your style and the way that you decorated the place. I want you to blog about what you find inspiring, whether it be a flower or a new artist. Keep me inspired!

  • Bugwagon

    Beautiful Blog Katrina. Can't wait to see what comes your way next. I'll be watching. x

  • Annie@A View On Design

    Def love to hear about your Block experiences, family life etc, I love your humour in your writing!!!

  • Shellie

    Hey Treens – only just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying reading all your Block posts. I've never followed a blog before – so my advice is very un-qualified… but i would like to hear about the amazing things that will surely be coming your way following the block.

    You and Amie were so much fun to watch – devastated at the result for you both but glad to hear you are both OK. And by the way the judging was crap and a little bit biased in my opinion!

    Must say I'm a tad jealous of the experience you've had – my boyfriend and I applied for the show but didn't make the cut…

    Live it, love it and enjoy it – and tell us all about it!

  • Rebekah

    Welcome back!!
    I loved following your journey on the Block and have loved reading your blog. I can't wait to hear what your next venture is going to be. You girls did us Mums proud. I bet your families are loving having you home.

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