Time, Activities and Achievement

Hi there! Yesterday I showed you my DIY glass vase lamp shade and today here is my new kitchen print. It’s a $5 tea-towel from Typo and I framed it. It was so hard to get a photo of it because the room is really sunny and I had to stand out of the reflection! I love it and think it’s funny. My eldest child gets it, but just rolls his eyes at me… 🙂

kitchen print

You know when you’re cruising along in life and the days just seem to whizz by, then you suddenly start wondering when it’s all going to come crashing down? Yeah, well that’s me at the moment. I feel well (health wise), I am achieving lots (work wise) and I am happy. BUT, I keep thinking in the back of my mind: when’s that speed hump going to raise it’s head?

You can’t live that that can you? I am normally all about the glass if half full, but lately I keep wondering if my good run will end?

I am trying to tear myself away from these feelings with some positive talk, but there is always that niggling doubtful feeling in the back of my head. I keep wondering if things could truly be better (work wise), or should I just be content because it may all come crashing down anyway? It’s not an unhappy feeling. I am extremely happy in my life, it’s more of a doubtful feeling. I don’t want to be content, I want to be better at everything, but I am doubtful all the time lately.

Do you get like this sometimes?



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    A FIFO wife

    June 5, 2013

    Katrina..always feel this way my life is so blessed that in the back of my mind I'm always, always waiting for the bubble to burst.. I think its the worlds way of keeping us grounded and keeping us from taking things for granted..because I of this I make of what I have and who I am with xx Deb.

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    Chris R

    June 6, 2013

    This is me all the time. Having a son with a chronic disease does that I think, like living on a time bomb. Love when everything is going well, but then there is the inevitable crash. We just work through it and know the good stuff is just around the corner, might be a few turns on a very bumpy road but it’s there.
    We have had a dodgy couple of weeks, so I am more than ready for a good few now.
    LOVE the tea towel and I need one in my life, off to online shop now )
    Have a great day Katrina.

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    June 6, 2013

    Love that tea towel , its hilarious !! I think we all have those moments when we are waiting for the bubble to burst . But life is all about the good times , enjoy to the fullest and when there is a speed hump ,well , you are always stronger than it 🙂 xx

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    Elisha Ross

    June 6, 2013

    What a great idea with the tea towel! I'm laughing. Matey be blessed that you on a great wicket. Trouble comes when u waiting for it to..Go and have a wine and enjoy these feelings of happiness. Ill have a red for you myself!

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    Kristy Maguire

    June 6, 2013

    can I ask where did you got the frame from?

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    Katrina Chambers

    June 6, 2013

    Hi Kristy, I actually bought it years ago from a junk shop and painted it. Sorry I wasn't much help! X

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    June 6, 2013

    L.M.F.A.O! LOVE the T-towel! Sounds more like you feel ‘lucky’ atm. Your not. You work hard for what you have, where you are. Be grateful….life has ups and downs, enjoy the ride; you DESERVE it! x KL