Things I am looking forward to


It’s day 1 of the school holidays and I am actually looking forward to them. I say that now, of course! Ask me around day 4!

But I am actually really tired. Like tired in my bones type of thing. Not from lack of sleep, but rather because I felt like I was always rushing in term 3. It was a really busy for us as a family. The kids had so many commitments and after school things. I don’t have anyone to help me with the kids, so I do it all on my own. But it’s all wrapped up now and we need some time to chill…

The September/October holidays are always good ones. They’re not too long and the weather is usually good.

Here is a list of the things I am looking forward to:

  • No school lunches. Eat whenever you feel like it. And they can get their own!
  • No ironing. No school shirts and ties.
  • No early morning breakfast call. Just get up when you want and eat when you want. I don’t have to yell “eat eat eat we’ve got to go!”.
  • I can hide in my house and don’t need to leave for school drop off or pick up.
  • I have minions to help me do jobs around the house. I feel a cupboard cleaning marathon coming on!
  • We have a camping trip away with the friends.
  • The Swannies are in the grand final so we can’t wait to watch that with friends.
  • I’ll get to catch up on all my emails because I won’t be rushing off to do something else.
  • I have a little trip to Sydney planned just for a night.
  • Hopefully my mood will improve and I can be nicer due to some of the busyness gone.
  • I can walk my dog. I haven’t had the time to exercise!

Are you looking forward to the holidays? Got anything planned?

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  • Chris R says:

    My kids are adults now but I can so relate to this. I loved school holidays. I loved nothing better than having my boys home with me. No schedules, no homework, no pressure … bliss! Enjoy the break from routine Katrina, and have fun with your boys, they grown up way too fast.

  • Kylie says:

    I am…I am!!! I already this morning have had a kid ask what we will do today? My answer was stay home!!!! I plan a culling session …One chil has plans to make polymer clay earrings…One wants to make chicken soup!!! Lol!!!!…And the other will just want to be out every day!!!

  • Mandy BarbieBieberBeyond says:

    I love the school holidays, I love the sleeping in!!! oh and no school lunches..