The white plantation shutters & sunscreen blinds I bought online


Ever thought about buying something BIG online, then chicken out? I almost did, but am so glad I didn’t!

Ok, so here’s the story… I wanted plantation shutters for across the front of my house. This was a big MUST for my house. I was on a budget and couldn’t afford them before we moved in, so I waited patiently (with sheets and quilts as temporary coverings) until I had saved the money.

Then I got this brainwave… I should hunt around online for them. I should ask on Facebook and see what people say. Sure enough, the recommendations came through and I had some online research to do. This is when I found iseekblinds

I ordered a sample and watched all of their online videos. This helped me make my decision because they looked really professional and good quality. The only thing we’d have to do is put them up! And that didn’t look too hard either.

I measured my windows (there are guides and advice on the website to make sure you do this right), put my order in, paid my money and waited.

When they arrived, Michael (the owner) actually personally delivered them to my house on a Saturday afternoon. I didn’t even ask him to do that, so I was really happy. I was so excited they had arrived and couldn’t wait to get the sheets and quilts down. My husband had his drill ready and he watched the online video again to make sure he knew how to put them up correctly. Within about 1 + 1/2 hours we’d finished and all 5 were all up! It was not difficult at all. I was squealing with delight.

Overall, the quality is perfect, the product was easy to put up and we had no dramas with the measurements.



Michael was nervously waiting for my response about what I thought of them once they were up. He was stressed because he said he found out I had this blog and wanted to know if I would be writing about them? I had to laugh! This online blogging is powerful isn’t it? Just goes to show that after all the hours I spend on here I must be able to influence some google rankings 🙂

Never fear Michael, yes I am writing about them and it’s all good!

So, after I was happy with the shutters, I decided to go back to iseekblinds and order more for my house. Michael and I struck up a deal for my next order. I didn’t do the whole lot in the original order because buying online can be daunting and I needed to be sure I was happy. Next on the list were sunscreen blinds for across the back of my house. You can enjoy the view through Sunscreen Roller Blinds which cut out between 86-95% of UV rays.  Here they are below…



I have 7 windows across the back wall of the house (you can only see 4-5 in these photos). I didn’t want block-outs. I hate them because I feel locked in. I love to keep things open and light (yet shady to keep out blaring sun). The sunscreen blinds mean you can see OUT but not in. At night you can see in a bit though, but that’s fine with me.

Again, Michael personally delivered these to me from Melbourne and even put them up! I was lucky this time and so was my husband because he got out of it haha…

Next, I have ordered white plantation shutters for my boys’ bedrooms, the main bathroom and the toilet. I can’t wait for them to arrive. New blinds and shutters have totally changed the look of my home. I couldn’t be happier and am glad I took the plunge to order online. I’ve saved myself a bucket load of cash – hence a new lounge arriving TODAY! LOL! Well, that’s what you’ve got to do – save here – spend there 😉

Have a great day! Oh, and feel free to email me any questions you might have about the shutters or blinds. I am an expert on them now. X


  • Jaynee Gray

    What about the cleaning? Are the shutters a pain to clean?

    • Katrina Chambers

      I hardly clean them haha! A little dust doesn’t stress me too much.

    • Dael Pressnell

      I have cleaned mine twice in 3 years – surprisingly you can’t see the dust on them!

    • Robyn Elizabeth

      I believe they are much much easier than venetian blinds.

  • Marcie Matthews

    Do they have a hinge to open them up if you want a clear view?

  • Kerry Neville Gestier

    Great information about a beautiful range of window treatments – looking good!

  • Laura Watson

    They don’t deliver to New Zealand 🙁

  • Jody Dent-Pruks

    Took the plunge based on your reviews. Our sunscreen blinds have been installed ( love them so much, so much light) and the plantation shutters should be here soon. Best decision and much better on the budget

  • Kelly

    Hi what colour shutters did you install please ……white or pure white??

    • Katrina (author)

      From memory I thin they were just white 🙂

  • Courtney

    Yours look so much better than ours. It’s like there’s too much white on the front of our house. Are your windows tinted?

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