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The toys are all gone

The toys have well and truly left my house. Well, there are some still in the cupboards, but no one has touched them for almost 2 years. I’m not sad about that! My big boy is 15, so I think I’ve paid my dues on the old toys thing. We’re done.

My little kid got a bedroom makeover on the Easter weekend. And someone asked me where all the toys were?? I thought, wow we haven’t touched them in AGES so yeah they’ve gone for good. My kids have actually never really been in to toys. They liked blocks and Lego, but they love sport and being outside more than anything else. Ping pong, cricket, swimming, footy, camping, fishing, riding bikes. So it wasn’t a sudden decision where I said “right that’s it, no more toys!” I just noticed about 2 years ago no one really ever went looking for them. My little kid will be 11 soon. So he was the last one to ever play with anything. He has a few baskets in his wardrobe, but they are just gathering dust. I think too because he was the youngest he played with them even less than the others because he just wanted to do things with his big brothers.

And with this final “no more toys” his room needed to look a bit more grown up. Here was the before…

We went from a single to a queen bed. My boys all now have a queen bed. They are growing at a rapid rate! Here is the after…

The bed was a freebie from my niece, I bought the doona cover and Euro pillows. That was it! The rest I shopped from around my house. My little kid (oh and can you guess his name ;)) is loving himself sick in it. He has 2 rows of shelves on the wall behind where I am standing which displays precious things he likes, some photos and his medals/trophies.

♥ KC.


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    Tara Miosge

    April 28, 2017

    Hey Katrina, I had a quick search but couldn’t find anything, just wondering if you’ve posted your house floor plan at all?? I love all the pics of your home and would love to see the plans

    • Reply

      Cathy Guppy

      April 28, 2017

      I would love to see it too… Just when I think I know the layout, another photo comes along to prove me wrong

    • Reply

      Katrina Chambers

      April 28, 2017

      Yeah sorry guys, no plan up at this stage! X

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    Cheryl Lucas

    April 28, 2017

    Love this room

  3. Reply

    Caitlin Cortez

    April 29, 2017

    Gorgeous room, just wondering where his bedside table is from please?

    • Reply

      Katrina Chambers

      April 29, 2017

      It was from an old junk sale and I painted it 🙂

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    May 2, 2017

    Hi Katrina,
    Love the new room. Just wondering where you got the quilt from if you don’t mind. As a mum of 3 boys I am always looking for something boyish.

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      May 6, 2017

      I purchased from Pillow Talk 🙂