The joys of being a kid (and a little boy)

Yesterday I was asked to give out some awards at a Fishing Competition in Wagga.

All for charity and all for Wagga. I’m happy to do any of these things when asked.

The event ran over the 2 days.

My boys and hubby took the boat out on Saturday to participate in the event. No such luck with winning any events! But nonetheless, they loved it.

I took my camera along and just before the awards the kids were lucky enough to help release hundreds of cod in to the Murrumbidgee River. They were in their element! I swished around in the water with my nice shoes and maxi dress (haha). Wasn’t the right attire at all! But I never miss a chance to take photos of my boys being boys. My nephew and his mate were there too.

So now we start another week. It’s a busy one too. I have some seriously exciting stuff coming up. I shall share all in good time!

Hope you have a great week planned…

I have 2 giveaways on my blog right now if you missed yesterday’s posts. An ipad cover and 2 x wrist key fobs. You must enter. They are seriously cute!

I’ll leave you with this little quote I received in my inbox a few weeks ago:

It’s like one big hall of mirrors, isn’t it, Katrina?

Except, of course, that the halls of time and space reflect what you choose to think.

Like right now.

Wow –
The Universe


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