The day I ripped up all my goals and started again


Thanks for coming by today! Happy Monday too!

If you hang around here a bit, you’ll know I write about motivation and inspiration from time to time. I usually tell you to write goalshave a big picture and perception becomes reality.

I’ve had a list of goals I’ve been carrying around with me for a while. I have them written in a couple of places…

BUT last week I ripped them all up. 

I hadn’t been achieving them. They weren’t over the top goals and I had been carrying some of them for a very long time. I wasn’t aiming for a Ferrari or house in the Tropics so I didn’t think they were unobtainable…

I HAD to rip them up. I was holding myself to them and I was letting myself get angry that I couldn’t reach any of them. I thought I was doing everything right and I was being positive and progressive, but I mustn’t be. The results weren’t coming in…

I decided that I had to let it all go. It was making me too angry and I wasn’t going forward.

I had some stuff on a whiteboard that I scrubbed out, I had some stuff in 2 notebooks which I ripped up. I felt instantly better. I felt like I was ready to start over and let whatever was needed to happen to just happen.

Somehow, the fact that I wasn’t achieving these goals made me feel anxious. So how was I supposed to achieve anything when I felt this way?

I read this blog post here: Gradually, Then Suddenly. Boy, that blog post got me. I dissected parts of it and even read some of it out loud to my husband. This was a great line… “I took the time to work out what truly mattered. Once I removed the expectations, the comparisons and the thought that I “deserved more from life” it was quite simple to see what my priorities were.” See, I think that is what I was doing with my goals – letting them define me and I was judging myself harshly when I couldn’t get them.

Have you ever read someone else’s blog post and thought about it for days?

Have you ever ripped up your goals?

I’ll rewrite my goals again one day. Not yet, just when I know I have moved away from trying too hard. I feel really happy at the moment though.

In the meantime, I will just let everything be. I’ll work hard at what I know and see what happens.

Maybe the New Year will bring new things! That’s what we always want in the New Year hey? 😉

Have a great week everyone…

Oh, and I was just shown this – love it!


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