The Block Triple Threat: Study & Stairs

There was little to see this week on the The Block as the couples were pushed to the limit and only one team, Jess and Ayden, completed their study & stairs…

Dea and Darren did not finish any of their rooms and will probably struggle to catch this week as they will be due to reveal their outdoor areas next Sunday.

What did you think of the show last night? Shaynna was not happy! Tim & Ana really had nothing to show but put a huge tv in a room (turning it in to a home theatre rather than a 4th bedroom).

Here’s the rooms so far…

Jess and Ayden scored 28/30 and took home the $10,000 prize.

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Josh and Charlotte scored 19/30.

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Darren & Dea scored 15/30.

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Tim and Anastasia really struggled and scored only 8/30. Here’s a look at the unfinished rooms they will have to catch up on this week…

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What did you think this week? Will they catch up? Keith seems to think Tim and Ana aren’t trying hard enough! Will their home theatre pay off?

♥ KC.



  • Jo Matheson

    And if three teams out of the four didn’t finish then maybe that’s an indication that it was too much

  • Jane Hansen

    Dea showed some images of the artwork hung in the staircase now finished and its a shame they didn’t finish as it looked sooo amazing. That lady knows how to bring a space together.

  • Jenny

    Katrina, maybe you can answer me a question I put to my husband all the time while we are watching – why aren’t they allowed to hire painters? They can pay tradies to do all other kinds of work but i’ve heard them say they have to all the painting themselves. Was that a rule on your season and do you know the reasoning behind it? The cynic in me thinks they just love to have contestants up all night and going crazy from fatigue…

    Love your blog 🙂

  • Priscilla Fitzgerald

    Too much to do. I feel for them but I am glad they showed it for what it really is. In reality that work would be impossible to get done.

  • Priscilla Fitzgerald

    And also, that little room with the TV unit wasn’t a hit with me. Seriously….who watches TV in a tiny space like that? On any other week I think they would have picked on that. I’m looking forward to seeing D&Ds tiled stairs. So beautiful ✔️

  • Sharon Smith

    I must say I agree with most of the comments already typed. I liked T&A to start off with but they have worn everyones patience out. But I even started feeling sorry for D&D this week, and I have never been able to stand them. Channel 9 & Scotty Cam have lost the plot if they think that the workload last week was achievable on the time/budgets those poor contestants have. They all should have been given the money for new staircases & the old ones knocked out. Ayden & Jess stairs looked amazing and there is absolutely NO WAY the other concrete ones have any chance of looking good. I will be shocked if these apartments sell. The only hope will be if Channel 9 set low reserves.

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