Take the time to do nothing…


Hi there! Thanks for popping in today! How’s the Christmas hoo-hah treating you? Ready to go, or feeling a little overwhelmed?

I will be happy when it’s all over. It feels like it’s been going on forever! I can’t wait to RELAX.

I have a habit of doing everything quickly and full-on. I don’t like to sit still for long… you too?

I feel that if I sit still, I am not being productive and I won’t get to where I want to be. So usually I am all go-go-go…

But the last few months have been a little hairy for me. I hadn’t been feeling right and things weren’t going my way. I was ok with it though, but I realised I needed to slow down and maybe change direction. Remember the post I wrote about ripping up all my goals? Well they’re still in the bin and I am not in any hurry to re-write them. I’m happy to let things happen how they are supposed to for now.

Last year I also wrote a post about not pinning your hopes on a New Year to bring change in to your life. We don’t need a calendar date to make things change. Change will come when you make it happen… 🙂

Today I wanted to remind you about taking the time to do nothing… Make sure you use the festive season to allow yourself to be still and calm and quiet. Doing absolutely nothing can bring things back in to perspective. It’s crucial for productivity. I use the word “pause” a lot in my house. If my boys are being wild I yell out “pause!” I need them to stop and think about what they’re doing. I want them to be still just for a moment. Holidays can be hectic and I am trying to make them understand that being still and quiet just for a moment is a GOOD thing!

Yesterday I bought 2 new books to read and downloaded some tv shows. The boys have been getting the fishing boat ready and we’ll take the time to all do something quiet and calm after Christmas Day. Holidays don’t have to be about entertainment and activity. I just want to spend time with my boys… My husband rarely takes holidays so I want him all to myself. I can’t wait!

So turn off the distractions, schedule it in and learn to say no. 🙂

Ready to take the time to doing nothing? Go for it!


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