Today I am in Melbourne at St Vincent’s Hospital for another opinion and check up from a gastro doctor and a surgeon. At Easter this year I was septic again (3rd time in 12 months) so my Doctor is a little worried about this happening too often so I’m seeing the big guns today in Melbourne. Anyway, I’m feel really good at the moment, so it’s hard for me to believe a surgeon will need to poke around in my guts again.

Living in a regional area and having a chronic illness is truly the worst. It’s such an effort to get to Melbourne or Sydney as we live 5 hrs drive from both. And then I’ve had this skin graft thing thrown in the mix! Gimme a break!

But I’m ok with it all and happy to go through the motions. I have so many other exciting things going on at the moment so this hospital thing isn’t going to get me down. My Dad is with me today so I’ll take it as a good chance to catch up.

♥ KC.