Steve and Tiana WIN House Rules

I’m happy Steve and Tiana won House Rules last night. How great were their reactions? I had originally picked Ben and Danielle as the winners waaayyyy back at the start, but I think the reactions on Steve and Tiana’s faces were priceless. It’s nice to see deserving people win…

What about their secret room reveals? Here are the photos from Steve and Tiana’s makeover of Ben and Danielle’s garage. They were told to give it a Ralph Lauren feel. Initially I was worried, but I think they did a good job. What do you think?

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Poor Ben and Danielle were upset, but they were happy and grateful for the experience. I love that no matter what you get your own house renovated even if you don’t win anything else.

They transformed Steve’s garage into a ‘Fonzy’ style mancave. Super cool!

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Can’t wait for the next season now!

♥ KC.


  • Leesa Dick

    I was so happy for them, they did an amazing job in the secret room for Ben and Danielle. The father/daughter relationship is a special one, I’m just as close with my dad and I wouldn’t have it any other way…..

  • Chris Goodall

    I loved what they did for the charity house and the secret room ? still want to know what the green paint was in the charity house.

  • Caroline Ross

    Very happy for them Such a deserving Dad and Daughter Team

  • Beck Jay

    I loved the Ralph Lauren inspired look, plus they included storage (always a winner) and a shed for Ben. Incredibly practical, they just went all out. I think that they just did a better job on the day than Ben and Danielle, but I have to say, I loved Ben and Danielle in the comp, esp their colour choices!

  • Annemie Caris

    I just watched the series in Europe and I must admit that I am very very very happy that Steve and Tiana won the competition, not only because of what they created, but most of all because of their spirit, their fair play, helping others and not being selfish or mean.

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