Shopping at IKEA today. I’m doing it.

I am that clever today because I wrote this post yesterday. Check me out! I hardly ever plan in advance for my little bloggy. But today, when you read this, I will be on my way to Melbourne. I have a few doctor visits today. A few tests, a chat about my medication whilst in New York… etc. I have been feeling not too bad lately so this is a good sign. Apparently the new trial drug is doing something as the levels in my blood are switching (so the doc says). I’m happy with that!

Remember this event I went to for Crohn’s? I’ve been waiting on some photos to show you, but I haven’t got them yet. Anyway, it was a massive day and I met some amazing people. A Mum of 2 boys with crohn’s grabbed me unexpectedly and hugged me, I had people lining up to chat to me, I told my story on the stage… For anyone else it would have been dead boring, but to me it was truly fascinating. I got to hear about where the research is heading for the disease and in turn my thoughts on how we get this disease have changed a little… Truly wonderful people that work on finding a cure for this disease. Anyway, I think we raised $35,000 just at that benefit lunch. Gobsmacked! But we need a whole lot more money if research is to continue. That’s another story.

But, back to my day today. So I’m heading to Melbourne. I was reading through some of my design magazines the other day and saw some cool kid’s bedrooms. Remember I wrote about them here. Anyway, I decided I need to go to IKEA. I can’t believe I just said that. After being on The Block and living literally 3 blocks from the store, I swore at the time, I’d never go there again. Not because I hated the stuff, but because it was always such a drama when we went. We had to announce to the store ahead of time we were coming to visit with a camera crew, then we’d wait for the store to turn off their music (yep, we had that much power haha) as we couldn’t film with background noise, then we had camera crew, sound guy, producer all following us, asking us questions… There was no browsing leisurely. Anyway, today I shall attempt to go back and browse leisurely (with my Dad!).

This is the text message I sent to my Dad….

Ha! He knows he’s in for a real treat. I know what he meant when he asked me about the car – I bet he thought I’d be loading up!

So what do you think I should look at? Anything you’ve seen and liked? I’ll be hunting for stuff for my boy’s bedrooms. Lamp, rug, cushions (I think!). I’ll keep you posted if I find anything. I want to do this style (below picture) for one of their rooms.

It’s in the latest Home Beautiful magazine. I spy Pony Rider too. Will be paying their online shop a visit.

Have a great day 🙂


  • M

    Good luck at the docs. I need to to do up my boys rooms again too. Thanks for the inspiration. Mx

  • Karen@RestyledVintage

    I love Ikea but living in Lake Cathie, don’t get there often enough for my liking! When we moved here last year from NZ, I was so excited that I now had the ability to drive to Ikea (6 hrs north to Gold Coast or 4 hrs south to Sydney…yay!) I was hell bent on buying the Ektorp 3 seater and 2 seater couches with the white slipcovers and somehow convinced my ever patient husband that one couch at a time would fit in the car (Ford Territory). Well I pushed hubby’s patience to its limit, lol, but in the first trip to Sydney we managed to fit in the Territory (around our holiday luggage) the 3 seater Ektorp, a Hemnes Coffee table, Hemnes TV cabinet (flat packed of course!) and various cushions, baskets, hanging racks and bits and pieces. Oh and by the way our two kids are still in car seats so that bulked up the back seat. Thank goodness for the 2/3rds/1/3rd split in the back seat! I had to sit squished up on the front seat with my face almost touching the windscreen all the way home, and didn’t dare complain one bit, hehe! The trip to the Gold Coast a few weeks later saw me complete my lounge suite with the 2 seater coming home with us. That was a breeze to fit in!

    Enjoy your day!
    xx Karen

  • lucinda

    I went to IKEA Sydney with my dad last week! It’s the BEST place ever… I struggle to not spend hundreds everytime! Have fun.

  • Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    I was just there yesterday. We’re restyling/reorganising our tiny entrance way. Love Ikea! Have fun 🙂

  • Something Gorgeous

    We are going to squeeze an Ikea visit on the way back from the show.( Ye ha!) Starting 2 bedroom revamps for my girls really soon, so I’ll be watching yours. I do love that bed for a little boy! See you soon.G.x

  • workingwomenaus

    I love Ikea! All the little bits and bobs – I could browse for hours. Sadly, when we make it to Melbourne, I usually have the kids in tow, so it’s not so ‘leisurely’ ha!

  • Bronwyn @ StopThatOwl!

    I just did the 5 hour round trip to Ikea on Saturday… with 2 kids and ex-hub (furniture lugger) in tow. Wished I had more time to look at the bed linen, there’s always something a bit different in there. It was a big-item shopping day though (hence the ex and his ute), next time I can go in my car and browse more lesiurely.

  • Michelle Hayward

    Hope your tests went well and you are doing better!!!(than previously!) How did you go at Ikea?? Find anything good!??! I have Ikea-Envy! LOL

  • Catherine

    I have Ikea envy! and I was just there! I bought a lamp, frames, a rug, and some shelving, most for my daughters room. I was hoping for some spice racks to store books, but they were out of stock. Hope you find what you’re lookinbg for!

  • Lea

    Ha! I was at IKEA yesterday too, but not Richmond, the new Springvale store. We call it Meatball Monday 😉

    I picked up a couple of stool to be used as bedside tables in the upcoming boy’s bedroom reno. And meatballs, for dinner 😀


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