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I love a good real estate stalk. This has been a favourite pastime of mine for years now. When we built our first house back in 2002 I discovered a real love for interiors and the real estate industry. I never knew I had that passion inside of me until we got into the property game. Since then, I’ve built and renovated too many times! Heck, I even HAVE my real estate certificate and was a Real Estate Agent (but I’m too soft!). In the past few months, I’ve also designed 22 blogs for real estate agents across the country. You think I like real estate?? Hmmmm, yep!



Recently I was introduced to a handy website called RateMyAgent. The site exists to help vendors find the right agent by providing recommendations, rankings and reviews for real estate agents across Australia.

Finding the right agent to sell your home can be an overwhelming job. You want to be sure the person you enlist to be the representing seller is going to do the best job for you. It doesn’t always mean that “the best” agent in your area should be your agent. You just need to find the one for you.


Once you’ve made the decision to sell your beloved home, you’ll be researching like crazy to find the perfect agent to help you make that sale. I wanted to see what RateMyAgent had to offer so I typed in my own suburb. The site allows users to see the most recommended agents per suburb/region, most number of sales, highest average sale price and number of active listings plus much more!

It’s incredibly helpful being able to review vendor reviews of estate agents selling homes similar to your own. The site is amassing 2,500+ reviews every week from genuine vendors so there is no shortage of information to review once you’ve shortlisted a few agents.


All vendor reviews are linked to actual property sale details (address, sale details, date, sale method, images, floor plan, etc.) so users can see agents selling homes similar to their own.

Agents are an important part of the selling process. They add unique insights and experiences and they can help with the level of stress you might feel throughout the selling process. Unless you already know a real estate agent, then choosing a complete stranger to sell your home takes a lot of guts and background research.

With RateMyAgent, I can instantly see a few things which stand out to me:

Top Agencies by Market Share

This gives me a quick snap shot and a graph of the top 3 real estate agencies performing well in my area. I can then research the agency itself a little more online.

Agents by Property Sales Ranking

This lists the agents themselves in terms of how many properties sold, the total sales value and the average house price. I can see their names, comments and photo.

Recent Sales

This lists some current properties which have sold and their prices. Some of the houses I know, or I can take a drive and get a better look at. This also helps with what pricing I might be able to achieve by benchmarking against local properties.



Real Estate pics via my most popular weekly blog posts – Stunning Sunday

At the end of the day, you can see that research is key, and if you can access most of the info in the one spot, then you’re almost there. Good luck selling! ♥ KC.

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