My gorgeous handsome boy is getting a ‘retainer’…

I think “retainer” sounds gross, doesn’t it? It’s really called a plate, but I say retainer in an American accent just to annoy my family…

My middle baby is getting a top plate. I’ve always known he’s had a shocking cross bite. He was about 18 months old and I noticed it. I had a heart attack at the time, but after a quick dentist visit I realised we couldn’t do anything about it until he starting losing the baby ones. Also, strangely when I had my cards read last year the tarot reader told me “one of your kids has teeth problems – but you already know that” and she smiled – how did she know that?! Anyway, it’s true.

So now that some big teeth are sprouting, it was time to sort it out.

I love him with all my heart and my stomach did a little flip when the dentist said it was time. I had plates when I was younger. They aren’t fun. You talk funny, food gets stuck in them and they look horrendous.

He smiled the whole time when the dentist was explaining it. He said he is excited and can’t wait to tell all his friends. It will be ready for him in about 4 weeks. He chose a bright orange one! Noice!

I admire his enthusiasm, but we all know they aren’t attractive. I know for sure that the day after he gets it he’ll want it out. He’ll hate it and I’ll be the one making him wear it for months (and then I bet there will be braces in the next couple of years). I could not be prouder of this kid though. I told him all the girls will choose him because his teeth will be ah-maz-ing! Then he told me he wanted to be a pilot and fly planes. I told him he’ll be the most handsome pilot in the universe. It’ll be all worth it in the long run…

So between my husband needing root canal therapy, me needing 2 more fillings and my Tex needing a plate, we aren’t having a good run. Comes in 3’s don’t they say??

Have you been through this dental phase with your kids?


  • Priya

    I was a dentist in previous life and seriously you have done the right thing taking all of them head on and timing is so important …. All I can say is when you look back ,you won’t remember this 🙂

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks Priya, good to know! 🙂

  • Emma

    Oh my god we are going through it right now… gorgeous little 8 year old has just had an expander fitted- yep it is as intrusive as it sounds. It is glued to the molars and we have to turn it every day so widen the top of her jaw. She is fantastic and hasn’t complained once! BUT as soon as we saw the written quote and PAYMENT PLAN…..we knew we were screwed. For years. Braces next.

    • Katrina (author)

      OMG! Yes, it’s going to be an expensive exercise!

  • Miss Gingham

    Oh Katrina, I know what you and your wallet are going through. I do admire your boy for choosing orange! Hope it all goes well.

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks Pamela! I’m sure he’ll be fine. And orange?! yeah that’s what I said to him! haha

  • Something Gorgeous

    Katrina, my middle son had one of these and later braces. They aren’t fun, but you’ll be amazed how quickly they learn to live with the discomfort and inconvenience. He is now 18 and has the most gorgeous teeth, so it will all be worth it. Funny thing is he wants to be a pilot too? xT

  • Niki

    Hey KC. Yes my oldest boy went through the same exact thing. He finally got his braces off this year, in yr 11, after 2 years, only to wear a plate again until he stops growing. But worth every cent. I truly believe if you have a good set of chompers your home and hosed in the looks department. Nothing looks better than lovely teeth & a big smile. So I just sold that angle to the grumpy teenager. And yes on the root canal. Holy Moley.
    I am terrified on the dentist, but for some reason I have managed not to put my fears onto the kids, they all love going too. Can’t wait to see your beautiful smiling face Tex, Luv Niki. x

  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style

    We have been really lucky. I haven’t even had a filling yet. I’m sure my girls will have braces when the time comes because there is nothing nicer than nice white teeth. Rachel x

    • Katrina (author)

      You are so lucky!!!

  • Emily Woodhouse

    Anything for teeth!

  • Jo from Brisbane

    My 6 year old has a supernumery tooth! He has three front baby teeth and xrays show he has an extra small tooth growing in between his two front adult teeth so as soon as he loses one of his front baby teeth the other 2 will be pulled and when this extra tooth grows that will need to be pulled too (hubby will be in charge of these denist visits!).

    So no doubt braces are in our future. As others have said, all worth it though.

  • designchic

    So missing those days, but not the days of root canals, dental implants, etc…feeling your pain!

  • Ashleen Moreen

    Your boy is getting big and mature. I hope it goes well as he get a retainer. I wish my daughter will soon grow as a mature like him.

  • charmaine

    My boy had braces and he still needs to wear his retainer now and again still (he is 19) but it is SO worth it!

    He has the most amazing smile, and you don’t even notice where he only has three teeth between his bottom eye teeth instead of four:) That’s how bad his mouth was before braces:)

    Oh and Dad did the teeth pulling dentist visits not me,,,urgh!
    Good luck with the rest of your visits

    • Katrina (author)

      I’m so glad he got through it all and of course you’re doing the best thing 🙂 I would have palmed the teeth pulling part off too! X

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