The Massage Chair

I bought a massage chair yesterday. Mr Chambo has always wanted one. I was secretly excited too.

So we get it home and I wished you were all a fly on the wall watching us argue and fight over how it worked and whose turn was next. Reality TV stuff for sure.

So here is Tex having his turn…

Mr Chambo said “that vibrating bum bit could be good Treen, wink, wink.” He was serious. Insert eye-roll by me. I said “we are too fat for that.” Then about an hour later my girlfriend jumped in the chair and immediately said, “get that vibrating thing off my bum!”. Now insert giggles and snorting. Typical – men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

So after a big afternoon of drinking in the street with our neighbours (if you follow me on twitter you would know that I didn’t know I was drinking heavy beer until it was too late and I was the laughing stock of the street!), we stumbled inside and not long after I found Mr Chambo snoring in the “massage chair”.

 (sorry about the quality – you’ll have to get on an angle to see it – but I was a little under the weather!)

So this is my best purchase to date!



  • MotorbikesLady

    When we update our year old lounge in another 15 or 20 years we will be getting another cnr suite one but this time with massaging chairs in the suite.

    You have made me want some massging chairs really badly

    (((( Hugs ))))

  • Julie-Ann

    Lol – well it looks like it has done the job and he is perfectly relaxed. If we had a massage chair here we would all be squabbling over whose turn it is too. So you can safely say your family is perfectly normal- well sort of lol.

  • Amanda

    Looks like it's a definite winner!! x

  • The Moerks

    I think he likes your purchase. Major brownie points for you.

  • Raine and Sage

    ha, ha – funny Mr Chambo, and apparently you too. How cool is your street catching up for drinks?! Massage chair seems to be a hit with all! x

  • Jenny

    I have one of those portable ones you can move from chair to chair. They do the job though… I must drag ours out again and give it a whirl… 😉

  • Elements

    Katrina, I looove those massage chairs and if it lived in my house I would type really badly, well mush worse than I already do…becasue all blogging and laptop work would be from that vibrating machine.
    I miss massages, time to go look up my local masseuse.;)

  • Jean @ RelaxAtHome

    Having a massage chair is a good purchase. It not only gives you relaxation, the health benefits you can get in the massage chair is far more important.

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