Loving anything ‘Palm Springs’

I am having a real love affair with anything ‘Palm Springs’ at the moment. Especially the exterior facades. One day (one day!), I am going to build another house and I have been dreaming of this style for a while. The white render, the simple gardens, the flat roof, the bedroom/wing areas… they’ve got me! I just need to find a really really flat piece of land (which is hard around here).

I gathered a few photos from around the web. Some are very grand, and wouldn’t suit my budget (I wish haha), but the pink front door is divine. And very low maintenance on the gardens!

There is a beautiful colour palette obvious in this style. Muted tones and pastels…

Here’s where you’ll find all the above photos if you’re after some more inspiration…

photo / photo / photophoto / photo / photophoto / photo / photo

Or just type PALM SPRINGS in to Pinterest and you’ll be flooded with images!

I’m saving all of these photos for one day 😉

 ♥ KC.


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