Love the stools!

I really like these stools. Has anyone seen them around before? Anyone want to make me some? 🙂


  • Emma

    They're made from truck springs – I've seen people using these lately (mostly from big machinery used in mining) I'd say these are DIY'd? Pretty nifty!

  • Sarah B

    They're very interesting. I like them but they look rather heavy. I wonder if they bounce?

  • Jodi

    I had some springs like that buried in the back paddock. They look awesome. Wouldn't the boys have fun on them?? lol x Jode

  • Jim, Vicki and our Well Fed Pets

    I really like these as well, I also would love to know where they can be found.

  • Kym

    How gorgeous..haven't seen anything like them before. But like Sarah said they look extremley heavy… make for a good arm workout! X

  • Lindy

    LOVE those stools!

  • NF Designs

    My Hubby reckons they might be train springs…. you wouldn't want them to fall over on tiles or little toes they look mighty heavy.

  • Ez

    They're awesome! I've never seen them before although my fiance does work in a coal mine…perhaps he could "borrow" some springs from some sort of giant machine… 😉 lol


  • Annie @ My White Homestead

    WOW!!! I reckon Husband could make those for you!! and for me too!! Annie xo

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