Living with 3 boys and the endless wet weather

Correct me if I am wrong Wagga people, but has this been the wettest Winter ever? Well maybe not ever, but in many many years??


Yes, today I am talking about the weather. I am a weather conversationalist. I’m one of those people who talks about the weather!

Anyway, the reason why I feel the need to talk about it today is because this endless wet weather and living with 3 boys is not conducive to my general state of mind. You know I have 3 really active boys and you know they don’t ever want to be inside…

We haven’t been expelling enough energy around here lately and we’re all getting edgy. Sport training has been cancelled too many times and most afternoons have been spent cooped up inside. Some kids are happy to play their ipad’s and other children in the house are not. The eldest one just paces the house. He is agitated and can’t sit still. Don’t ever ask him to watch a movie because he will bite your head off. And if I see him make one more pen gun I am going to lose it! There’s only so many rubber bands I can collect from corners of the house! I even saw the 2 little kids rummage through the box of board games yesterday to try and find something to do! Now they MUST be bored! Haha.

Plus, the kids are having trouble sleeping. No one will go to bed easily and one of them is still yelling out to me at 11pm. And it’s not the same child every night – it’s like they take turns… I know why this is too – they haven’t used enough energy! 3 growing boys are like race horses – they need to be running ALL THE TIME.

And eat! OMG can they eat?! (Well, so can I in this weather!) The food consumption is pretty high around here. I’ve been watching that weather app on my phone like a hawk. I can see that next week we have some sunshine. I am hanging for it. I need to get up and exercise and I need my kids to burn off energy and all the food they are eating. I feel sorry for the school teachers! Imagine what they are going through!

How’s your household? Good weather? Go on, make me jealous…

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