It’s ok to sit with your thoughts…


Last week I had a day or 2 of not feeling the best… we all have them. Probably over-tired, stressed, worried, hormonal… whatever.

I am pretty good at pulling myself out of these moments. I am good at positive thinking and I am big believer in thoughts become things. So if I feel bad for too long, I am aware I need to pull myself out of it or nothing good will ever happen.

But last week a friend text to see if I was ok. I said yep, I’m fine, just happy to sit with my thoughts today. The minute I said that, I realised it truly is ok to sometimes just sit with your thoughts. I felt ok feeling a little blue. I knew that it was important to feel the moment, and feel the low days, so that when I pull myself up again I’ll be truly happy and grateful for everything around me.

The world is so fast paced and we’re always rushing and wishing and hating… the news on tv is full of it.”It’s easy to sit with good feelings, but our society does not encourage us to embrace bad ones. We medicate sadness and anxiety. We stuff down feelings with food. We run to technology at the first sign of boredom. We have lost the ability to sit quietly with ourselves, and this is a great loss.” {source}

Take a few days to ponder your thoughts, go with your feelings and think through them. Even write them down if you think it might help.

I know I felt better once I just sat for a few days with my thoughts. Then I told myself that was enough and I let the positive thoughts/energy come back in… This week I feel much better.

I hope you’re ok too.

♥ KC.


  • Parisgirl

    A very timely post Katrina. For the past couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time in my own head and feeling quite down and inadequate. I was made redundant a couple of weeks ago from a job that I loved. I had put many years into the company and given all of myself to my work and the people I met through work. I am getting older and had planned to stay there for quite a while longer then ‘wham’ completely out of the blue came the redundancies in several States. I have to work as I am supporting an invalid husband so I quickly picked up some contract work. Each morning as I walk to the office I am grateful for the contract however the tears still prick at the back of my eyes. I know the job loss had nothing to do with my ability or my efforts but it still hurts and makes me so sad. I feel completely lost. I have to pick myself up and get on with it, life goes on but for another few days at least I will indulge myself and sit with my thoughts. I have set myself a date to begin reinventing myself and I plan to start with a wardrobe makeover and I think even a change of hairstyle!

  • josefaopitz30

    Great experience of yours. Life must go on. Every time we feel down and depressed, we just think for the best memories we had to avoid making stress to our self.

  • Yvette Wilson

    Lovely Katrina, it’s nice to know that we are all normal when we feel this way. Enjoy the rest of your day. xo

  • Claire Chadwick

    We’re all in the same boat and it’s reassuring to read posts like this to remember we’re all chugging along and doing our best and making the most of our current situations. Sitting with our feelings/thoughts is so much better than pushing them away and pretending they’re not there. Just like the good times, we have to acknowledge the bad and the down, and just work through them.
    Big love to you Gorgeous xx

  • Sum

    I love reading your blogs – I love how human you are and how you just talk about anything and everything – sharing your life and your thoughts. It’s so important to do this as speaking out makes a real point of whatever you are saying and then all the other people who are reading it feel validated in their thoughts too. Some may actually be unsure of a situation or feeling and then reading another’s thoughts or ideas triggers a light bulb moment which has a profound effect on them. So thank you for doing this. Your spiel has totally validated what I have been feeling for a long time and you put it so eloquently. I just wish now the world would change and stop getting faster and faster – so we could go back to enjoying the time we have in a day instead of rushing about getting ‘things’ done and then before we know it the day has gone.

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