Introducing: ZOYZ textiles

Zoya Kraus is a surface artist and has just released, to the public, her own Textiles. Each print started its life on Canvas as an original piece and has a “story”that goes along with it. They are available on a variety of base cloth. You can see some here.

From these textiles Zoya has recently launched her own label; ZOYZ. The idea behind the garments she chooses to make are that we should all have the opportunity to WEAR ART!


bright spark panel pennylane


foxy panel pennylane

Zoya is an artist who has been working on surfaces like canvas, wood, shoes, skate decks and glass for many years. A lot of her work has been commissioned for fabrics so Zoya recently decided to create her own line starting with shiny LYCRA leggings. Since their online launch in Oct 2013 the public response has been overwhelming and she has sold out 3 times over!

Every stitch and fibre on each garment and every person involved in it’s creation is AUSTRALIAN. Although Production costs are exuberant, Zoya will remain loyal to keeping ZOYZ proudly all Australian.


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