I took a photo of a photo

Awful quality, but this is my man…
Tex who is 4.

Love him xx


  • A-M

    Oh he is positively gorgeous!……little Tex! I hear you about the love thing. I sneak into bed with my boys while they are sleeping, sniff their squeaky clean hair and just think I would die if I ever lost them. Sorry I haven't visited for ages. I have been trying to hold it all together with one disaster after another. Your place is looking amazing… your shutters.. be still my heart! I have some going in, in the ensuite, but the rest are just Roman's. I love your gorgeous furniture too! I too have the same problem with my bedroom but all I have is a bed, not even bedsides. I am sick of falling out of bed to switch off the alarm! I like your 2nd picture in your bedroom post… the idea of a separate defined lounge area with an ottoman…. and yes isn't Karna's place perfection!! I have been stalking her for years and I have even threatened to move into her garage… it's prettier than my whole house! A-M xx

  • Alison

    Oh he is such a cutie.
    Love the shutters in the post below.

  • Linda

    Hi Katrina,
    All three of your boys are so handsome, I look back at photos of my boys at that age and I wonder where the years have gone, they grow up so quickly.
    Best wishes.

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