I don’t have time to cook so I don’t… (plus, I will give you a $250 Coles voucher & a $100 Kikki K voucher!)

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If you’ve been hanging around this blog long enough, you’ll know I am not a fan of cooking. It’s not my strong point. It’s not that I can’t cook (I can!), it’s just that I do not enjoy it. I’d rather stick a fork in my eyes than cook anything fancy.

But… I have 3 boys and I NEED to cook. So my motto is: cook for survival, not pleasure.

Of course, there are times where I long for a delicious baked meal or stir-fry. That’s when my husband steps up to the plate. He is a gem and likes to whip up tasty meals. He uses recipe books and stuff…

I don’t bake – there are proper bakeries for such treats! My sister was making a cake once and was using flour… one of my children asked her “why are you cooking with powder?“. My poor boys get cooking/barbecuing lessons from their Dad and their Aunty, not me!

I just don’t have the time or the inclination.

In this house don’t ask “what are we having for dinner” until about 30 minutes before we are actually going to eat. I have no idea until the last minute.

My days are usually crazy and are filled with appointments, kids activities and normal household duties. I’m just like you – busy and time poor.

I am a fan of buying lots of food in one go so I always know there is something I can whip out of the fridge or freezer at the last minute. I’m not much of a food planner! My girlfriend once tried to get me to make a meal plan. I did it for 2 weeks and it worked, but I couldn’t keep up with it! Ha! I’m just not that organised when it comes to food and meal planning. I wing everything.

Recently I was asked if I would like to try the Birds Eye SteamFresh Vegetables and SteamFresh Fish. As if I was going to say no! This was an easy dinner for me and I knew the boys would love it.

The whole meal was done and ready to eat in a matter of minutes. My husband did not believe me when I said the entire meal was microwaved.

So here is what I bought, and what I did…

♥ Packet of Birds Eye SteamFresh Carrot, Cauliflower and Broccoli
♥ Packet of Birds Eye SteamFresh Carrots, Peas and Corn

For my whole family I only used half of the vegetables (so there is another meal waiting there for me!)

  • Each pouch is cooked in the microwave for 2.5 minutes to deliver perfectly cooked vegetables quickly without the fuss
  • One pack contains 4 steam pouches of vegetables

♥ 2 boxes of Birds Eye SteamFresh Fish – Garlic & Spring Onion and Thai Coconut Curry (this gave us 4 pieces of fish – my baby doesn’t like fish, so he had veggies)

  • Simply cook in under 5 minutes in the microwave
  • Steam cooking locks in flavour and freshness for perfect fish every time
  • 97% fat free,


I LOVED the Garlic flavour and my husband loved the Thai curry.

I’m not joking you when I say this meal was delicious. It was the easiest thing I have ever cooked and I will be adding Birds Eye SteamFresh items to my shopping basket every single week.

Now here comes the good part – I have the best giveaway for you!

I am going to give ONE winner a $250 Coles voucher & a $100 Kikki K voucher!

Yes, I’m serious! That’s $350 worth.

As usual, this competition needs to be a game of skill. I want to hear about your lazy cooking because you don’t have time…


Get your entry in before 5pm (EST) December 4, 2012. Open to Australian residents only. Giveaways are in accordance with my disclosure policy.




  • Marleisa

    My lazy meal is a BBQ chicken and pre made salad (the one where you tip the salad into a bowl, add the included noodles and salad dressing and mix) from Coles. So quick and easy! Love it.

  • Marleisa

    My lazy meal is a BBQ chicken and pre made salad ( the one where you tip the salad into a bowl, tip in the included noodles and dressing and mix) from Coles. It is so quick and easy. Love it!

  • Kek

    My laziest effort is “I’m too busy to cook, boys… There are pizza bases in the freezer and sauce, cheese and other stuff in the fridge. I’ll put the oven on and you can make your own.”

    Mother of the year.

  • Elements at Home

    My lazy cooking is that I don’t do it and my Husband does.
    Ok really my lazy cooking is a packet of Uncle Bens 90sec Chicken style rice.
    half a cup of peas and corns and then fry up a mixture of Spanish Chorizo sausage and chicken pieces and put it all in a bowl and viola, Very Tasty, very filling and no added anything. Beeeaaauutiful.

  • Megan

    I’m a mum of 4 boys 5 and under. I like to cook but by the time dinner rolls around I’ve already dealt with 2 main meals and umpteen billion snack requests so I’m OVER being in the kitchen. A never fail here is pasta. I always have bacon in the freezer (under 2 minutes to defrost in the microwave), so while the water is boiling for pasta I cut up an onion and some bacon, saute until onion is transparent and throw in a tin of diced tomatoes, add herbs if I’m feeling a bit fancy. Leave to simmer until the pasta is cooked, stir the lot together and dish up. I throw a couple of handfuls of frozen peas in for the kids because onions + peas + tomatoes is THREE vegetables and that’s a parenting win right???

  • Heather

    Coming from a family of fantastic cooks, and my 93 year old grandfather being a baker, I knew I would never have the time nor ability to show my kids the wonders of yeast fermenting, or fluffy puff pastry being made from scratch. Come Christmas time I clearly have to ‘pretend’ that I can do more than push a trolley or open a can. Here is the recipe for my famous, and I DO mean famous fruit mince pies. 2 packs of short crust pastry cases (freezer section next to the frozen Yorkshire puddings) 2 jars of fruit mince ( in the aisle next to the tubs of ready whipped cake frosting) plop the cases on a tray, blob a tbl spoon of fruit mince in each one. Into a pre-heated oven for 15-20mins and whooshka pull them out 5 mins before kids walk in the door/visitors arrive or pizza delivery guy. And stand at the bench with a smug and quite rightly proud flourish as you present them on a 2 tiered cake thingy. Voila!!!!! Home baked Christmas goods…x

  • Susan

    Have to admit my kids eat baked beans on toast for dinner pretty often! But for myself I mix plain 2 minute noodles with a small tin of tuna and some soy sauce for a super easy meal. Yum!

  • Maryam

    Hi katrina, i love your blog! I follow you everyday, and i also follow you on instagram!
    Im 12 years old, and i LOVE kikki k. So i hope i can win.
    My mum just gave birth 5 months ago, so her new favourite thing is the oven.
    Anything that goes in the oven is perfect since she is so busy and i have 2 other siblings.
    We love hash browns, chicken, home-made french fries – all oven stuff!
    Thanks for reading!
    Oh and i cant wait to see your finished house! I always look forward to your top shopping picks 😉

  • Holly Castles

    I had friends coming over one night and I had said I was going to cook dinner. I was running out of time (was planning on cooking a roast chicken, which I had never done before) read the back of the chicken though and it said you could cook it in the microwave. I’m thinking that’s excellent.. Saves me time! After a little while it starts banging but I leave it thinking that’s normal. Luckily my friends came over and were like that’s not normal Holly! I had left it in it’s bag that it comes in not the roasting/microwave bag it meant. I swear I’m an intelligent woman but when it comes to cooking life fails me! I’m all for simple, quick and easy! Haha.

  • Emily

    My lazy meal is quiche – I cook one every second weekend, chop it up, and throw the bits in the freezer. On CBF nights, they get nuked in the microwave.

    When I’m so lazy I haven’t even got any quiche left, it’s egg and smoked salmon on toast. Sounds gourmet (pronounced gore-met of course!) but takes all of three minutes to throw together.

    When all else fails, there’s a fish and chip shop twelve doors down…

  • tara

    My lazy dinner includes me handing a $20 note to my 17 year old p-plater son and getting him to drive around to Maccas to pick up a family meal deal.Yes, I’m even too lazy to do the drive myself.xx

  • B is building a house

    Breakfast for dinner all the way baby!

    Toast, bacon, eggs and hopefully grilled tomatoes, mushrooms & baby spinach too.

    Or just baked beans on toast <3


  • B is building a house

    Any my second entry, if I’m allowed to have two, would have to be MrB, who offers to go and buy $60 worth of salmon ships from Sushi Train.

  • Rachel

    2min pre-cooked rice is one of the best inventions ever. I fry it up with 2 min steamed vegetables and a little garlic and chilli. Best & yummiest meal. Rachel x

  • Dee

    Boiled eggs with toast, what I cook when I’m feeling lazy and/or out of time.

  • Diana O

    My lazy cooking is grabbing the phone and dialing a pizza for delivery!

  • Rebecca

    I’m so lucky that I live five minutes from an IGA that has a wonderful Italian chef serving a variety of take away that in my case tastes way better than homemade!! I would always just have a cup of soup for dinner when I was single if I couldn’t be bothered but now hubby doesn’t think soup is a meal, so off to the IGA I go!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    When my wife is away and I can’t be bothered to cook (usually when there is a good game of footy on TV), I have been known to open a can of peas, put the can straight on the stove and cook away! Why create extra cleaning by using a pot!!! Less dishes and still getting my dose of veggies = win win!

  • KL

    Hillarious Katrina! You’re a woman after my own heart! At one point in my life, as single mum(working very long hours) anything quick, simple and semi-prepared was a godsend! My social group though took turns at hosting ‘dinner parties’ and I had a local Italian resteraunt who’d take my platters and bowls at 6:30 am in the morning on my way work and run them out to my car at 7 pm on my way back home, filled to the brim with delicious delights for me to pass off as my own at 7:30pm when the guests arrived. I survived detection till very recently when a friend came to visit and congratulated my husband on marrying such a fabulous cook….reminicing on our fun parties and asking if I’d cook my famed Veal Scallopini for him during his stay. F*^%K! SPRUNG!!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh at the memory… x KL

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