I am wearing this today

Top, tights and skirt is from Supre. Boots are from Novo.


  • Felicity

    You see I hear Supre and don't envisage this type of cool styling….I'm sure only you could whip this together with such panache Katrina, only you!

    I need to share this with the teens in my home as this is one of the best styles that I've seen come out of this store.

    Happy day Lovely!

  • Beck Williamson


    skirt and with the black this is a great combo.

  • Jodie @ LukaMish

    I might have to pop down to Supre at lunch…

  • white verandah

    No way ! I havnt been in supre for years out of fear that nothing in there would fit and I may get stared at in a "get out old lady" kind of way! I might have to go in and check it out- that outfit rocks x

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