I am so sad for New York

I was in bed last night reminiscing about our recent holiday to New York with my husband. My heart was a little achey. I felt so sad for the New Yorkers after Hurricane Sandy hit. I watched it all unfold on the tv, twitter and live YouTube updates. I text my husband furiously all day Monday and Tuesday with updates. We talked about Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry, Downtown, the High Line…

After only just being there a few months ago it all felt a little strange to me. My husband and I agreed that that holiday was one of the most amazing things in our lives. I still sit dreaming and and thinking about my time there. Every single thing about that holiday was perfect. I feel forever changed because of it. I feel forever grateful I go to visit NY. Now, because I’ve been there, I feel like a teensy part of me belongs to New York. That city made me feel more alive and more energetic than ever before. It made my husband feel exactly the same way.

I can’t help but look at the pictures and feel sad and homesick.

I really really wished Hurricane Sandy had not happened. Onwards and upwards for NY. I hope I get to go back there again one day soon…


  • Chris R

    I agree Katrina. I have friends there, who escaped with only loss of power .. very lucky. My son has a friend there on holidays, she arrived the same day Sandy did. She is seeing a very different NYC than you did .. and I did many years ago. New Yorkers are resilient and will bounce back.
    It is a very special place and once you have been there it always remains in your heart. It has been 34 years since I visited and I still remember it fondly.

    • Katrina

      Just awful isn’t it? 🙁

  • Erin B

    Katrina…. I couldn’t agree more. I was in New York in July 2001 just before Sept 11. Seeing New York go through something like this (and all of the Eastern seaboard) is just awful. I watched the updates on Sky news all Monday and was reading about the people still missing last night. My heart just aches for everyone affected by this tragedy.

  • Sally

    I’m off to New York for the first time in January for a holiday, I feel very sad seeing Sandy hit the area.

    Seeing all of your posts (and the House of AM’s) inspired me to book the trip when the offer come up. I loved reading your passion and can’t wait to go! Bring on December 31st!!


  • Hayley

    The hurricane was certainly sad but sadder still is that so much focus has been made of the impact on NY city and its surrounding area, while alot of people who have no realisation the devastation it caused to the carribean and cuba where the buildings were much more susceptable to damage and alot more people died. I don’t like being a downer but on this issue I really think people need to realise America is not the only place over there that Sandy affected, just the only place with a strong media presence. I promise the next time I leave feedback I’ll be more upbeat.

  • A-M

    Isn’t it just devastating? Beautiful New York and oh the damage in New Jersey….and to think only a few months ago we were joyous in those very streets. How things can change in a heartbeat. So very sad. I have found it hard to work this week, finding every excuse i can to escape ….. as New York has been on my mind all week.Xx

  • Ava Grace

    I want to send my love, thought, prayers & hugs to all of those who had to face Sandy. Some people have lost everything. It’s heartbreaking. So thankful for those that have made it through safely. I pray for the victims to recover & the Lord will give them double for their trouble.

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