How to import your old Google Reader straight into a new reader…

Hi there! We all know Google Reader died and went to heaven 🙁 But never fear, this doesn’t mean we’ve lost the Blogroll that we have been creating over the years… Well I know I have been adding to that blogroll for about 6 years!

In this video below I show you how, in a few simple minutes, how you can import everything from your old Google Reader in to a new reader. You only have until Monday 15 July to do this so get to it!

I also explain why I chose a specific reader over others. I also know lots of bloggers have been giving some great blog posts on how to follow them now that Google Reader has disappeared, so that’s been helpful too.

Anyway, take a look at this because I’d be lost without my reader…

Ok, so hands up who has done this? Easy hey?!

Have a great weekend. X


  • Nat

    I’ve given both Bloglovin’ and Feedly a go so far so I thought why not try this one too. Pretty easy to import but I found that some of the blogs info can’t be found – mainly the ones that show up with the blue “g” favicon. Any ideas why that would happen?? Possible a redirected feed that is no longer picked up? I noticed in your video you had a few of those as well.

    • Katrina

      I think maybe they are the blogs I manually added to my google reader? maybe? I am not sure why. I tried to google. I will come back if I find out why!

      • Nat

        I deleted them and then re-added them via RSS buttons on blogs where I could. Had to manually add a few

  • Amanda

    Thanks for the tutorial Katrina. After I last emailed you, I ended up transferring my Google Reader list across to Bloglovin, just because it seemed to be the one everyone had been using. However, seeing your video above, I like the looks of the reader you’ve gone with so might give a go too. Do you know if our Blogger dashboard list of blogs will vanish too or is it just Google Reader that is going? I tend to just read my blogs through my Dashboard but transferred things across last week just to be safe!… x

  • Nickywaywrites

    Hi Katrina, I followed your instructions and it worked! was very easy. thank you very much! the only thing I can't figure out in netvibe is how to sort my posts by individual blog, you don't know how do you?

  • Kex Kez

    hmm no video shows up 🙁

  • Kindrawares

    Thanks Katrina, I did it. First I imported my blogroll twice, all sorted now. So much I don't know about using blog readers and feeds, like foreign language to me.

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