House Rules: The coastal-desert renovation

All of the houses have now been done on House Rules… Last night we saw Karina & Brian’s brand new “coastal-desert” family home. What did you think??

I liked some and wasn’t a fan of other parts. I like now that each couple get to go back and fix parts they didn’t like in their own homes. Although I thought the “let’s see the leader board BUT no one is going home” a bit silly. So all the point gathering over the last 6 weeks didn’t even matter in the end? Maybe the producers didn’t want Karina & Brian to go?

Anyhoo…. here are the rooms…

geraltonafters_84_1anfje2-1anfjed geraltonafters_85_1anfje2-1anfjeg

Loved the street art! And the charcoal and lime were winners. The copper side table won’t work for a teenage boy. Plus that linen wasn’t great. Why does no one put a bed-skirt/valance on ensembles anymore??


Loved the recycled timber desk and the lime stool.


What did you think of the bathroom? I like the pebble tiles but not sure if I would get sick of them. They look like polk-a-dots.


I loved the sinks! Good steal there!


I didn’t like the vanity, it was a bit heavy and the mirrors are too small, but again, those sinks are winners.


The shower was fab. The boards were great. Would they get yucky after time? What do you think?

ensuite1_1anfigq-1anfih6 geraltonafters_39_1anfigq-1anfihd

I liked the concept of this ensuite, but wasn’t a fan of the random storage cupboard or mirror, but the space was huge and that’s a bonus! My ensuite is tiny so I am rather jealous 😉

geraltonafters_31_1anfi5c-1anfi60 geraltonafters_32_1anfi5c-1anfi63

The master bedroom was great! The feature wall was perfect. Again, no bed-skirt??

livingroom1_1anfgni-1anfgot geraltonafters_1_1anfgni-1anfgp0 geraltonafters_3_1anfgni-1anfgp3 geraltonafters_5_1anfgni-1anfgpa

Ok, let’s discuss the orange walls? The literal “desert” walls… Yes or no? For me, no, but I’m boring like that, so it wouldn’t suit me. I love what Karina said “it makes me feel quite hot” haha. So ignoring the walls, what do you think? I loved the couch, the coffee table and the fireplace. The stacked stone was fresh. The odd console behind the couch wasn’t right though.


This kitchen wasn’t for me. The copper will date and the ice-blue wasn’t right. But the space was good and the idea was there. If there are no cupboards under that window though, they might have lost some good storage especially for a family of 5 people.


Love the stools!geraltonafters_19_1anfevq-1anff0i

Great sink!


Barn doors are all the rage at the moment and I think they had the right idea, but the materials didn’t work well.

Bring on this week. Can’t wait to see what the couples really disliked in their own homes…

♥ KC.


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