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My Mum had a birthday yesterday so the kids and I headed to Albury to spend the day with her and my extended family. They all live in Albury and are so lucky they have each other there! I’m only an hour and 15mins drive away so that’s not too far! Because they are all there, I drive that road almost every fortnight to visit. Yesterday was a great family day and just what I needed – a good catch up, some yummy lunch and a visit to my Mum’s house (which is my most favourite place ever).

Have a great day everyone! Today I am just trying to entertain my kids on school holidays…

What have you been doing to entertain yours?


  • Chrissie

    Gosh, your children look like you!!!!!! How beautiful to have such a wonderful family…..
    I have a 4yr old and 5 yr old, so they still need lots of entertaining….
    My son has been nagging me to play with model clay (mmmm not a favourite activity of mine), we might go for a drive round Wagga, play a few games…we have been to Dispicable Me 2, and bowling, and the animal park…..
    I love being home with them but gee…..I long for summer when they can be outside more……

  • Karyn

    Lucky family to have each other & enjoy each others company. You are blessed x

  • penny barns

    so lucky to have family so close. I will be home soon for a surprise 70th for my dad. SO EXCITED!
    Happy Holidays. Hair cuts for mine this week as back to school on Monday
    Pen 🙂

  • Maree Burden

    The photo of your Mum hugging the boys brought a tear to my eye! Beautiful

  • maree perri

    Hi Katrina,
    Love your khaki jumper.
    Where did you buy it from?

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi! It was from Supre 🙂

  • Katy Roach

    I love seeing boys hanging out together. Brothers and cousins, so cute!

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