Habits are hard to break

Hello! Thanks for coming by. Phew, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks around here! Although I am not complaining…

I was pondering as I was driving the other day (as you do) and realised I am SUCH a creature of habit and find them very hard to break…

I order chicken all the time. I never try anything new.

I get up at the same time every day regardless of having a late night before.

I insist on have a 1/4 of a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee when really I could easily have none.

I won’t sleep with any doors open in my room (WIR or ensuite).

I always buy black undies.

There’s so many more habits too!

It got me wondering…

Are you a creature of habit? Do you like things to be a certain way? Do you break the rules every now and then?

PS. Sorry for all the blog layout changes, I am still decided what to do with it!

PPS. The new site is really taking off. Thanks so much. You’ll find me hanging around here. Please ask questions – we’re already talking about paint, bricks and window coverings! Oh, and I am looking for some kick-arse style guru’s to be moderators. Email me if you’d like to have an awesome role in the forum. 🙂

PPPS. Kids are back and school and now it’s head down, bum up.

PPPPS. If you’re in Wagga, come to the RCC tomorrow – I’m doing mini social media workshops and they are FREE!


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