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Grey weatherboard house colours


I get asked about my house colours all the time. Every week I think! So I thought I’d put a post together for those who are interested 🙂


The weatherboard has been painted SHALE GREY. I used Taubmans Endure (we painted the whole outside of the house ourselves). We asked Taubmans to tint the paint in full strength SHALE GREY. It doesn’t matter what brand you use, as long as it’s tinted ‘Colorbond Shale Grey’. I knew this paint colour would be good. I’d used it as a feature wall inside our previous home so I was confident the grey was the right grey. Not blue, not brown, not purple (you know how some throw the wrong tinge?). I also knew shale grey would be the right grey because it originated from Colorbond (used for a roofing) and I had seen this colour on houses in our area.

My roof colour is SURFMIST. It’s light (but not white). It’s a pale grey. I matched the gutters and fascia to this. So there was no hard thinking here. Sometimes people get so confused with roof/gutter/fascia. For me it’s easy – all the same. Now, the swatches I’ve put on the image above are small, so they may look darker, but outside over a large area, they do look lighter as you can see from the photos of my house.

The window frames, shutters, posts and fretwork are WHITE. No tint in that bucket of white. Nothing. Don’t get confused with whites. You don’t have to tint everything. This leads me to INSIDE my house. The walls are all WHITE. No tint. Just a wash and wear brand on the walls (with no tint added) will do, and the SAME white went straight on to the ceiling. My entire house has the same white paint from the bottom of the walls up and over the ceilings. It was Taubmans Easy Coat Walls. Now, if you did need to put a tint in your white (some painters will request something because they say the paint covers better), I would ask them to put a “shot” of black in that white tin. Like an incy bit just to keep the white balanced. But I don’t normally do that. I just like the whiteness which comes straight out of the tin. My internal doors, skirting and architraves are all GLOSS WHITE (again no tint).



So you can see that I picked THREE colours out the front – shale grey, surfmist and white. You can also see that the house looks darker in the shade and quite light in the sun.

The reason I know all of these colours work well is because this is the 3rd house we’ve built and we’ve renovated two houses as well (I’ve made some doozies along the way too!).

♥ KC.


  1. Matt

    14 October

    Hi Katrina

    Love the your house. You’ve got a great eye. Was wondering whether you’d offer some advice? We’ve renovating and have decided on a Shale grey roof, woodland grey gutter and surfmist fascia. We searching for ideas re painting the exterior including walls, deck posts, deck balustrade, window trims etc.

    We have decided (we think) on white for windows, bifolds to front deck and the balustrade. Possible the main posts of the deck to the roof will be woodland grey. Not sure what to go for with the exterior? Continue with Shale grey? This may look too monotone? Interested to hear your thoughts….


  2. Julie spinks

    18 February

    Hi Katrina,
    We are painting our weatherboard house shale grey and white trim , has zinc roof. Thinking of painting the fences Colombond Basalt. What do you think.

    • Katrina

      19 February

      That would be lovely! X

      • Julie spinks

        21 February

        Thank you so much; will keep in touch.

  3. Denice

    8 March

    Hi Katrina. I have a country home mainly brick but the front fascade is timber which is covered by a verandah. The colourbond roof is eucalipt green. Do u think grey on the timber fascade would work or beige be better. Also what colour would work on the ceiling of the veranda? Love your home.

  4. Rekha Arnott

    22 April

    Hi Katrina, I have just finished painting our house in Dulux Monument- the roof is also Monument. With a Chinese red front door. Natural white windows. I thought I was being fashionable- alas the weatherboards look awful. Soooo dusty. Also no rain has not made things any easier. I am thinking of changing the colour of the boards to Tranquil Retreat.

  5. Sara

    22 May

    Hi Katrina
    I absolutely love love love your colour scheme! We’re going with the exact same one, so thanks for the inspo. I have been struggling on pavers for my driveway though – would you think anything gray is too much?


  6. Sharon

    5 June

    Hi Katrina
    I’m building a hampton house with surfmist roof and gutter and fascia. Exterior boards as shale grey and vivid white trims same as your place. I am looking for a grey to match inside as shale grey as I’m doing boards and trims vivid white but need a grey to match exterior as it will follow outside to verandahs. Can you make a suggestion. I did like tranquil retreat but I think it is lighter than shale grey and I want a contract to the white. Thanks

  7. Katie Davies

    23 June

    Hi Katrina,

    I loved your shale grey exterior colour scheme so much that I have used it on my weatherboard house. So the boards are shale grey, we have used white for the balastrades around the veranda and the trim and guttering. But now we are totally stumped on what colour to paint the old veranda boards. I dealt we wanted natural boards but it is too far gone. We have tossed up a dark grey, Browns and a sandy colour but really not sure which way to go. Any tips you have will be much appreciated. We have house stumps also which are white with undercoat and so even toying with the idea of white formeverything you look at and then darker for the boards you walk on. We have colour block!!!

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