Get yourself a ‘Gravatar’ & an ’email me’ button for your blog [Tutorial]

I’m sharing today! Below are some email me buttons.

Grab the code underneath and add it to a html box on your blog in the sidebar area. Change your email address (first line in bold). The second line in bold is where I have saved the image. If you prefer another image and have one on file, save your image to a photobucket account, get the direct link to the image and replace it in the code.
If you prefer your image to be positioned left or right in your sidebar, change BOTH bits in the code that say center (yes, American spelling!). Do NOT change any litte ” or < bits, or your code will not work.

If you have a certain colour or image you’d like, email me and I can make one just for you for a teensy little price 🙂

<center><a href=”“>
<img src=”“/></a></center>


<center><a href=”“>
<img src=”“/></a></center>


(transparent image so you can use on whatever colour background)

<center><a href=”“>
<img src=”“/></a></center>


<center><a href=”“>
<img src=”“/></a></center>


<center><a href=”“>
<img src=”“/></a></center>


Get a Gravatar

Ever wondered how to get your picture next to your comment when commenting on wordpress blogs? Well, you need a gravatar.

Click the image, or here, and go to the site. Sign up today and BOOM, you’ll have your photo next to your name when commenting on wordpress blogs.

Simple steps:

  1. Click on ‘Get Your Gravatar Today’
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click the link in the confirmation email
  4. Choose a username and password, then click ‘Sign Up’
  5. Follow the option to Add an Image
  6. Upload a suitable image from your computer
  7. Crop the image to your liking, then click ‘Crop and Finish’
  8. Choose a suitable rating for you Gravatar (in most cases it’ll be ‘G’)
  9. You’re done.
Have a great day! x


  • Cathy

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Louise

    Oh my goodness Katrina, THANK YOU! I have been thinking about a blog for ages now, and wondered over Christmas if this year is the year! You and A-M ( there are a handful more) are my treat at the end of the day with a cup of tea, once my little gems (aka terrors) are in the land of nod. x

  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    Thank you for giving & the sharing of tips about blogging to people like me who still really don’t know how to make our blogs look cool.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  • brismod

    Love it when you share your tips Katrina. Thanks. xx

  • Beth

    Fantastic!!! Thanks Kat

  • Jo

    Very timely. I haven’t been able to get my gravatar to work. Is it working? Is it working?

  • Jo

    Yes! You are a champion Katrina. I am an idiot.

  • The Distressed Mother

    thank you! i have spent hours trying to get an email thingy. off to have a go now.

    tdm xx

  • One Pink Tulip

    Just started my own blog tonight and found your awesome website! Thanks so much for the tips!x kx

  • Alexandra

    I just tried to add this and the code isn’t working – methinks because the post is old, maybe the code is old? Hmmmm… have to have a play around!

  • Mandy Hewitt

    Hi Katrina,
    Can you tell me when you smudging sticks will back in stock please.
    Thank you Mandy

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