Floor Plan Friday: Corner Garage

Howdy! Today for my Floor Plan Friday blog post I am sharing this large home with corner garage. I’ve shared the facade so you can see how the plan will look and the entry points.

I like the porch around to the Alfresco. I love the WIR and ensuite, but Bedroom 1 seems small for that size. I guess it’s not too bad because it has a walk area?? And there is a private courtyard so that would be cool!

I’m not sure about the garage in to the office? I wouldn’t need the formal dining, but my family would use that space as a large rumpus (and I’d use the other rumpus as more of a formal lounge). I like the outside access from the living areas/rumpus.

I’d chop off the guest bed.

I love the kitchen and butler’s pantry. That’s a definite winner for me.

The Oakland-1The Oakland-2What do you think of this one? What would you change?

I found the plan over here. Or you can see all of my favourite floor plans in this category.

♥ KC.


  • Karen

    I love the outside loo. Wish I had one of them so that the kids didn’t trapse thru the house wet from the pool to go to the loo.

  • Julie Newans

    This one is much better 🙂 good storage, office away from kids noise, the courtyard is great and should offer good flow through ventilation. Without the addition of dimensions it’s a little hard to judge sizes but if the Architect has drawn (in scale) the other beds as double/queen it makes the master a king so size I’m guessing is about 4-4.5m square. If the window in the main is a highlight window possibly moving the bed under it would give you a wall to add drawers, art etc (and would possibly look better from the other side of the courtyard if the drapes were open). Separate drying yard is also great. If the alfresco area is north facing that would offer good light in most of the home (also for clothes drying if the line was against the fence.

  • Jo Roberts

    Love the kitchen!! Maybe the office could become more of a storage room if it was more closed in.

  • Amanda Wenham

    Main bedroom looks too small and really small kitchen for such a big house and I really don’t like how there is no window in kitchen the butlers pantry has the Windows I would do away with the courtyard and make bedroom and kitchen bigger.

  • Jessica Carter Malavin

    Thats a whole lot of house for the kids to mess up! Great floor plan…but way too big for me..

  • Melissa Anesbury

    Perfect for me… I like it.. If only I could afford one like it

  • Karen McMillan

    I love the outdoor loo. Great idea that saves the kids trapsing into the house wet from the pool to go to the loo. I’d close the wall between the lounge and formal dining and turn the front lounge into a media room and the formal dining into the lounge. Not many families require a separate formal dining, one dining table in the main family room is sufficient for most families needs. Lovely big house, if only I could win Lotto!!

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