DIY timber frame canvas


This one is a very easy DIY you can try yourself! It’s not a fancy finish with mitre joints and it’s not perfect, but I am so happy with the overall look. If you want something super professional, then you’ll have a pay the clever people who can make frames look seamless, but I just wanted to add a simple frame to a canvas I painted. This couldn’t be any easier!



I grabbed a few pieces of Tasmanian Oak. The sizing depends on your canvas width (and depth). I got them from Bunnings and all up I think it cost $17.


I chopped them all to size.


Gave the edges a teeny tiny sand.


And here comes the easy part! Just nail them from the inside. So hard (jokes!). Haha. I looked for tutorials all over Pinterest and some had brackets and joiners and all sorts of things, but that was all too much. My husband helped me with this one because we needed a few hands to hold it. He smashed some nails through the pieces (of course make sure your nails aren’t too long or they’ll come through the other side!) and that was it…




There’s a complete DIY project there on my wall. I painted the canvas too. Here’s that tutorial.

Do you think you’ll give this one a go?

Happy DIY-ing. KC.


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