Magnesium is a vital mineral and I have read that many of us are deficient. Like 50-80%! I thought maybe I was. I’ve had some issues with my ankles over the past month – swollen and aching. It could be residual immune problems from Crohn’s Disease, but I wanted to uptake on my vitamins and minerals to help.

Hormonal imbalances, caffeine, sugar, certain drugs, alcohol and stress can all deplete the body of magnesium.
Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can include muscle twitches, restless legs, cramps, asthma, osteoporosis, diabetes, lethargy, headaches, impaired cognitive function and sleep problems.
The best way we can increase magnesium in the body is through topical application of magnesium oil. You can buy sprays from the chemist but they are pricey, so I made my own at home for $8.
Here’s how:⁣⠀
→ 1/4 cup natural magnesium chloride flakes (I bought from here)
→ 1/4 cup distilled water, boiled⠀
Pour boiled water over flakes and stir until completely dissolved. Let it cool and pour into a glass spray bottle.

I added 10 drops of AromaTouch (you can use Lavender) for added relaxation benefits. Use less essential oils for kids. Shake before use. ⁣⠀

The quantity makes half a cup, adjust the recipe to suit your spray bottle.

I read that magnesium spray can be a bit stingy (I put 10 sprays on each leg) if you’re a bit low on magnesium, so if it hurts, just use less to start with and then build up.⁣

Yep, it stung a little bit for me, but wasn’t painful.

That’s it! Now you have your own magnesium spray. Use daily for a few weeks.

♥ KC.

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