This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all materials.

I painted a chalkboard wall in my laundry a few years ago. I actually hated it and wanted it gone. There are only 2 ways to fix a chalkboard wall – sand it all off and repaint, or cover over it.

So, cover over it I did!

I knew this wouldn’t be a hard project so I convinced my husband and son to pull this together for me.

What did I use for this DIY panel wall?

  • Easycraft VJ panels from Bunnings
  • Liquid nails
  • No more gaps
  • 2 pieces of quad
  • Paint

The how

  • I bought 2 sheets of Easycraft panel. I had to run them horizontal because our ceilings are tall and the sheets weren’t big enough. Get Bunnings to cut the sheets to size for you! So much easier.
  • We had a little section above the door frame that needed cutting out, so my child did that one at home with a cordless circular saw.
  • Then butt the panels up to the cornice and on top of the skirting. The panels are 9mm thick so should sit nicely up against any existing walls.
  • Put a heap of liquid nails behind the board and fix them off with some small nails to hold in place until the glue goes off.
  • We finished the top cornice, bottom skirting and top left/right sides (against the existing wall) off with no more gaps.
  • To finish the edges around the door frame so they look neat, we just added some quad and painted gloss to match.

Then I painted the wall! I used Shale Grey (I already had 20L of this stuff because it’s the paint we used on the exterior of our house). Plus it’s my favourite grey ever! I hand painted all the grooves twice and then used a roller to get a nice finish.

Here’s another DIY I did with laundry overhead cupboards.