DIY 3 bedroom condo via Real Living

Yesterday this gorgeous DIY 3 bedroom condo popped up on the Real Living Facebook page and I had to save it. So much to love.

The colours, neatness and styling were right up my alley. I love how every room look “achievable” to any homeowner wanting to decorate their own home.

Owned by banker (and Real Living reader) Tristan Sintos. He was entirely responsible for the style of the home. Inspired by design ideas from Real Living magazine and his out-of-the-country trips, Tristan picked the colors, materials, furniture, accessories, and other details himself. Tristan advises other homeowners to take their time when it comes to buying furniture and accessories. He patiently went to different stores, compared price points, and waited for sales.” Real Living website.

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My favourite room is the living area with the den off it. Fabulous!

What do you think? Got a few new styling tips from Tristan’s home?

♥ KC.


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