The Decorating Forum

I know I have mentioned this before, but I thought it was worth posting about it again…
I hang out here lots.
This is because the site is Number 1 for the categories of:
Decorating Forum
Renovating Decorating Forum
Building Decorating Forum
And Number 2 in
Home Decorating Forum.
I have become friends with Julie-Ann Hind (who is a well respected interior designer with years of experience), who is based in Perth Australia. She is very motivated and focused and the forum always has something happening on it.
Browse some of the categories and discover how people can help you (or you can give advice) on anything decorating. Actually, we even talk about our husbands, recipes, or the latest products on the market…
I love it because it’s fast paced, the interaction is instant and people have some great ideas!
Help me here with painting my dining table if you like 🙂
Katrina x


  • Julie-Ann

    Thank you so much Katrina. I read this whilst having my nails done today and was so startled. Just as well I didn't jump or some serious damage could have been done with one of those drills they use lol.
    We all love having you chat with us on the Decorating Forum – your ideas and humour are real assets to the forum:)

  • The Moerks

    Thanks a ton, Katrina, now I have to find another how many hours in the day to visit this site!!!
    Be careful with your paint choice. I recently painted my daughters bedside table in glossy white and it still, months later feels a bit sticky. Hopefully someone will have the perfect paint type for you. good luck.

  • Julie-Ann

    The Moerks that is really strange that the paint is still sticky. Do you remember what you painted it with.

  • 1 Funky Woman

    Awesome, how cool a place to ask so many of my decor dilemmas. I did a post the other day with pictures of my living room. I loved all the comments I got from everyone with so many ideas. I think I need to get on this decor forum asap. Thank you! So what did you decide on your table?

  • MelsRosePlace

    Hi Katrina – miss 12 just walked in and said WOW THAT BLOG IS SO COOL (meaning yours)..just had to say. Must pop over to that forum soon. I finally got my 1st Country Living from our subscription, did you? Nice to get those in the mail instead of bills. Mel xxx

  • A Very Fine House {and}

    Hi Mel! Yes I have received 1 each of the mags – love getting magazines in the mail…makes my day 🙂

    Thanks to your daughter too xx

  • esolutionCenter

    Thank you Katrina. Your blog is so useful for me.

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