Hi there! Today I thought I’d catch you up on what’s been going on in my world with Crohn’s disease… and I’m pleased to say not a lot is happening with it at the moment! You know I have shared a lot about my low moments thanks to this disease but I thought it would be nice to share that this disease CAN go to sleep sometimes too. This post is for those who are struggling with the disease but need a little hope…

I feel pretty good at the moment. I am about 8kgs heavier than I was last Easter. I was sick then and the bathroom was where I spent most of my days. But I seem to have picked up again. It makes me angry some days that I can’t fit in to my clothes, but I quickly remind myself that putting on weight means I am healthy and I can enjoy things again. Being healthy means I can drink a beer, have a swim and get through a full day of activities (rather than having to lay down at some stage during the day). I can work all day every day. I can earn money. I enjoyed the festive season and didn’t have to say no to events. One in 250 people live with Crohn’s and they silently go about their day in pain and being unwell. It’s the worst feeling and I have spent many years not enjoying this time of the year and cancelling plans.

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If you’re new to my blog (and Crohn’s!) click through to some of my old posts about Crohn’s. I’ve had the disease for 19 years.

There’s always hope though. This disease can rear it’s head when it feels like it, but it also has the ability to go in to periodic remission – and that’s where I am at. I am currently doing Humira injections. It’s working for now, but long term this won’t be the drug for me. It’s just to fix me up for a while. But of course, I am NOT medically trained so this is not an option for everyone – just my own experience!

If you live with Crohn’s you must read the Crohn’s & Colitis Australia Blog. These stories are written by real people and their stories are encouraging. If you’ve just been diagnosed with an IBD I highly recommend these tips.

Also, feel free to email me or write in the comments below if you want to start a discussion or have questions. I am an Ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia so I’d be happy to chat with you if needed. This is not a disease we need to be quiet about. It may be the most unglamorous disease ever, but it still needs us to chat about it and help those who aren’t feeling so great.

♥ KC.