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Hi there! Today I wanted to tell you about a little product I was sent to try out. Yes, it’s got something to do with that all important work we do in the laundry 😉

How many loads of washing do you do a day? Too many? By the time you sort the clothes in to darks, lights and towels, that can be 3 loads a day (if you’re anything like me!).

So, I was sent a little box and inside looked like sheets of white paper… but they are magic sheets of paper! These sheets were meant to half my washing time by allowing me to put lights and darks in TOGETHER. Oh no, I hear you say! That’s what I said!

First let me tell you about the product and then you can see the results…

Colour Catcher is a product discovered by Steric in Europe which stops colour runs from ruining clothes in the wash. Colour Catcher is a big hit over there – in France alone over half a million packs are purchased every year.

Steric thought it would be useful for mums back home, so brought it back to Australia.

It helps save valuable time as there’s no need to sort laundry – you can put whites in with colours without the worry of a rogue red sock turning everything pink. Plus, less sorting means fewer washes – saving both money and the environment.

So, what is it? A small white sheet that sucks up all the loose clothes dye.

How does it work? You simply put it in the machine with your clothes and do the laundry as usual. There are no harsh chemicals or environmental nasties, so it’s safe for all the family – even those with allergies.

Here’s my trial:

I washed green jeans WITH a white t-shirt! Oh yes I did! I was nervous too, so I made sure it was an old t-shirt just in case! 😉 But I was pleasantly surprised… look at that green piece of paper!! Now, these jeans have been washed a couple of times before on their own because I KNOW they are potent, normally I would never put them with anything else. I was really sceptical… but the proof is right there people! Colour Catcher works.

I want you to try some so I have 10 x packs of Steric Colour Catcher to give away to 5 readers (so each winner receives 2 packs each, each pack containing 15 sheets). Just tell me how much you love to do the washing, or hate it! It’s that simple.

CLOSED. Winners announced in the comments below.

Why not check out the Facebook page for more info: there’s a video of a real-life mother and daughter talking about Colour Catcher and a ‘Where to Buy’ tab that includes all the stockists nationwide.


  • Donna W

    So…… Everything can be washed together.
    Hmm, I could get my kids to do the washing 🙂
    Lovin’ this idea.

  • Kelly Walter

    I love doing the washing, knowing that you will end up with clean fresh clothes and that beautiful linen smell.

  • Tricia Z

    I like to wash but hate to sort and fold…

  • Diana Oz

    The washing part is fine because the machine does all that, but I HATE hanging it out (especially when you discover a tissue made it's way into the load).

  • Di Don

    Doing the washing doesn't worry me one way or the other, I find hanging it out relaxing, enjoying the sunshine & being left alone because no one wants to be dragged into helping hang it all out.

  • Karina Lee

    I love throwing my dirty washing into the machine but I hate hanging them out afterwards!

  • Sonia Cattley

    If it can stand on its own…it needs washing…otherwise it is perfectly acceptable gardening clothes.

  • Helga Grenkowitz

    I love doing the laundry because I love the fresh smell of it. But I hate it when colour accidents happen which ruin the whole load. And I hate doing the ironing afterwards.

  • Jay Chant

    I love doing the washing with today's technology.. the WASHING MACHINE.. when my son was a baby we didn't they weren't around, had to wash nappies by hand and rinse in freezing water! 🙁

  • Amanda Gorton

    I love to wash – there is nothing more satisfying then the smell of fresh linen and clothes

  • Melissa Jones

    Now nearly one load one day, because my little boy wets bed everyday. I love doing the washing which keeps home away from clothes especially socks odour.

  • Sandy Barn

    I hate it because I always get white shirts grey and washing powder still on clothes after they are washed and lost socks that my machine has eaten to spite me!

  • Rosslyn Tadd

    I don’t like the whole washing affair.
    But for clean clothes I really care.
    Life on tank water discolours all.
    With 3 kids it’s a daily chore.

  • Katrina Corbett

    I don’t mind doing the washing, its putting all the clothes away that I hate!

  • Charlotte

    I just LOVE washing… the frothing, foaming, bubbling water, the swish of the barrel, opening the door to reveal magically clean clothes and a waft of that wonderful clean cotton and ocean breeze scent… The meditative act of hanging the washing out on the line, a good 15 minute daily dose of sunshine, and the feeling of the crisp, smooth fabric as I take it down, fold it and put it away! LOVE the whole process!!!!!

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Rhonda Lockery

    I actually love washing the smell of Lavender fabric softener is just beautiful , but i,m normal and do make mistakes with putting a coloured item in with whites sometimes

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