I wrote a blog post in January about Indoor Plants For Beginners and it was one of my most popular posts ever! We really love our indoor plants at the moment don’t we? However, if you have a habit of killing them, then today I have a list and links to where you can buy artificial indoor plants which look great.

I have some of these in the photo above, so check out below to see what I say about them…

  1. Monstera – this one looks good.
  2. Fiddle Leaf branches – these are perfect if you want to create your own fiddle leaf fig in a pot (with real soil even!). Some of the bought fiddle leaf figs have tiny pots, so the ability to buy just the branches are a great idea. I’ve seen these in Freedom and they look real to me!
  3. Zanzibar Gem – this is my favourite indoor plant and the real ones are VERY hard to kill (I have 3 of them and haven’t killed them yet), but if you can’t be bothered with any upkeep then this one looks amazing.
  4. I have this Fiddle Leaf Fig from Adairs. It’s probably one of the best I’ve seen (for the size and price). It’s better than the Kmart one.
  5. Weeping Fig – haven’t seen these, but they look good for the price.
  6. I bought this vine on a whim off eBay and it’s tops!
  7. The Mother-In-Law’s Tongue from Kmart – haven’t we all got one? I really love this (I have it one of my boys’ rooms).
  8. I bought a rubber plant from Adairs last week. The rubber plant I bought is even better than the artificial fiddle leaf fig, so if you can get your hands on one instore then snatch it up.
  9. A good fake fern is easy to move from room to room and doesn’t take up too much space.

Have you got any good indoor artificial plants I need to know about?