We have a pretty big bedroom. It was built with the intention of having a parents retreat in it. Currently there is no retreat area but a huge open room with a bed and side tables!!

I am searching for inspiration. I need to bring the room ‘in’ a bit as everything looks so lost.
I will be putting a lounge/arm chairs and table in there where mummy can read a magazine in peace!

Yet another project.


  • Alison

    How wonderful to have such a big bedroom to play in!!
    Can't wait to see how you end up setting it up

  • Katie

    Oh, I love the colors in the first one! Very pretty.

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    First and second pictures …Both look usable and fashionable…

  • Tiina of livingConcept

    lovely blog you have here! i just arrived, made some coffee and now i'm going to stay here and read a bit 🙂 come over to my blog and say hello!

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