Back at The Block

Today I am back at The Block. I am here for the night doing some promotional stuff.
I got to the airport really early this morning and I even had a driver waiting there holding a sign with my name on it….oooooo very fancy! Then he wanted to carry my bag and I was like “no, thanks, I can do it”. It felt really weird!
Anyway, so we drove up to the houses and my heart was racing. Arrrrr I was back! Mixed emotions. Julian Cress (Executive Producer – aka THE BOSS) was waiting for me and I got out of the car laughing and fake-crying saying to him “please don’t make me renovate and do challenges!” He was in hysterics!
So I really am happy to be back. I’ve had a chance to reflect and seeing it all again has really let it hit home – we did ALL of this. We did this whole house!
I am currently sitting on my lounge, watching tv. I’m about to go and hang with Josh and Jenna and we get to watch the Room Reveal tonight together.
There are at least 20 onlookers outside the houses at all times, so I have been popping in and out chatting and having photos taken. Their support has been unreal!
The above picture and story is in TV Week, so make sure you buy it! There is also a sneak peek of our room in today’s new House & Garden. Plus I’ve done lots of blog interviews recently and links to those are on my twitter.


  • 63shells

    Go Katrina, I am loving watching the series as it unfolds. Go Girls!

  • Bernadette Nolte

    I have only just recently in the last month discovered your blog Katrina and its amazing, your very inspiring! Love watching the block great to see someone from good ol wagga wagga on there. x

  • Sarah B

    Sounds like you are having so much fun! The beginning of big things me thinks 🙂
    Ps I posted your interview today. Thanks again for doing that for me x

  • Kym

    Katrina it sounds sooo incredibly exciting. Not a great day to be back in very cold here today.. but I'm sure you are use to that after living in an unrenovated house through winter. Congrats on an amazing job.. can't wait to see the reveal tonight.. Big hugs Kym X

  • Cassandra Jane

    1/2 a point, what a wrought! It all comes down to their personal preference I guess, but mine was def for your's, loved your room! The aqua and lime were right up my ally! Cant wait to see what you do next!

  • Skye Rocket Studio

    Love seeing you on the block! I want a teepee for my studio so will have to grab a copy of TV week.

  • Trish @ A dream house for Trish

    Loved your room tonight, such a close finish, I seriously thought you guys had it in the bag!!

  • cheryl

    ooo – just found your blog!!
    lovely to see you online!

    cheryl xox.

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