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Carmel Debreuil is a Canadian Australian artist from New South Wales. She has been painting all her life but her work has really taken off in the last three years. Carmel has been showing and selling steadily for the last three years across Australia as well as in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. She has had several solo and group shows in the last year, with three more shows lined up for for June and July, one in Sydney, one in Brisbane and one in Byron Bay.

Carmel sends her work all over the world and is happy to do commission work that can be more personal and customised. Carmel’s worked here in Australia with several clients, including designers, to incorporate their childhood, their children or other inclusions to create a work that shares their story as well.

Carmel’s work has a cast of children whose stance and attitude is full of the bravado, nonchalance and swagger of youth in contrast with their obviously childlike features. It is very nostalgic and has a bit of a sense of humour. Carmel sees kids as these amazing creatures that are perfectly imperfect. “Everyone seems to be in a rush to guide kids into adulthood and responsibility, but I’m happy if they want to hang out with a giant squirrel while wearing a Viking helmet and cowboy boots. I think it’s an amazing time and quite funny!”

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  • Carmel Debreuil says:

    Thank you so much for the great feature on Design Tribe! I’m stoked and hope your readers enjoy my work! xoc