Are you being your best in 2014?


How’s 2014 for you so far? Are you smashing it? A friend of mine said to me the other day “Katrina, I am totally smashing 2014 so far…” Love it! That was awesome to hear…

I feel like I’ve got things a little bit more under control so far this year… at the end of last year I wasn’t feeling so great and I was manifesting rubbish after rubbish. Sometimes it’s so hard to pull yourself out of a funk… and the worse you feel the worse things will get.

I was quiet with DIY projects, my blog was quiet, I didn’t feel motivated and I couldn’t stop reading what everyone else was doing… I realised that only I could pull myself out of this. I needed to fix this quick smart. I needed a huge change…

So I ripped up my goals, stopped reading the internet and only concentrated on what I was doing. I wanted to do a new DIY project and I wanted to be busy again. So I did just that.

I made a huge floor to ceiling mirror (blog post coming soon I promise!) and we started building my new home office. I feel happy when I am doing projects. I need to be always doing something… Plus now I have a new space to work from and it’s making me feel more productive.

I’ve decided that this year this blog of mine won’t be as important as it was last year. I have new projects on the horizon. If I can blog I will, if I can’t, I won’t feel pressured. I worried a lot about this place last year and it was silly.

One of my BIG new year’s resolutions (and you know I don’t really care for them!) was to do less of the unproductive and free stuff, and more of the creative and productive stuff that gives me an income. I need to do stuff that gives me something back in return. So I looked at all the ways I earn income at the moment and I’ve decided to focus on those areas.

I’ll be here on this blog when I can be here, but I have so many cool places to be this year and I am striving to stay motivated and focused. You reap what you sew… I’m going to build myself a new website and I am going to focus on 2 things – blog designing and interior design. My fav things.

PLUS… I am going to be more GRATEFUL. I have been sharing my gratefulness on my Facebook page each day.

Well, that’s my random thoughts for the day! I just woke up and thought I’d bash out something (anything!) on my blog and see what happens… And that’s it! Haha.

Are you smashing 2014 so far?


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