A Salt Lamp For Everyone (And Every Room)

Salt lamps are becoming more popular with each passing season –and with all this positive attention surrounding salt lamps, it is thankfully becoming easier than ever to decorate your home with a salt lamp. Or two—or three! If you want to know more about the different types of salt lamps available for your home today, consider the following guide to salt lamp colours and styles to help you get started on choosing the perfect salt lamps for your home.

Salt Lamp Colours

The salt from salt lamps comes directly from salt mines; traditional Himalayan salt comes from veins inside the Himalayan Mountains. These veins range in colour, so the colour of the salt used for salt lamps will vary depending on where, exactly, it was mined from.

The most common colours you will see available in today’s salt lamp market are:

Orange salt lamps: Orange salt lamps are arguably the most common salt lamp colour and currently the most popular in terms of sales. Orange salt lamps have a warm glow that is perfect for adding warmth and a positive hue to a room.

Pink salt lamps: Salt lamps with a pink hue are not as common as orange, but they are often popular with people who want to add a softer aesthetic to their home.

White salt lamps: White salt lamps are quite rare. They provide the most light out of any coloured salt lamp, though they do not have the same ambience and subtly as other salt lamp colours.

Red salt lamps: Red salt lamps have dark, distinct appearances which are preferred by anyone looking to add a darker ambience to a room. Some red salt lamps have a slightly orangeish hue to them, which adds more of a warm—rather than intense—look.

Salt Lamp Styles

If you want to decorate your home with a salt lamp but you’re worried about whether or not it will clash with your interior decorating style: don’t worry! There are plenty of different salt lamp styles to choose from.

Salt lamps come in two primary shape styles: natural or unaltered and crafted or carved shapes. Natural or unaltered salt lamps look similar to large mineral rocks, whereas crafted or carved salt lamps can be made in a variety of shapes and styles. For example, some crafted salt lamps are designed to appear as animals or fire symbols.

You will definitely want to consider the size of the salt lamp when deciding on your purchase. The size you pick should depend primarily on what room you plan to put the salt lamp in. The larger the room, the larger the salt lamp needs to be in order to have the same effectiveness. As a general rule of thumb, a small bedroom can get away with a salt lamp of about 2-4kg; whereas a living room of about 4×4 square metres will benefit from a 5-7kg salt lamp. For largest rooms or even commercial spaces in businesses, then 18-20kg salt lamp is best.

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