A new bed with Sleeping Duck review

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about receiving a new mattress from Sleeping Duck. It was for my middle boy Tex. He’s almost 12 and growing at a rapid rate!

A quick recap – Sleeping Duck is a mattress in a box system. And a very good one at that! The modular mattress is a hybrid design. Incorporating both foam and springs (all rolled in to a box!).

He had a couple of nights sleeping on the floor before I bought a new ensemble base. I ppurchased a new base from Fantastic Furniture at a very good price if you’re looking for one.

So what did he think?

  • It’s super dooper comfy.
  • It’s cooler than his old mattress
  • The medium firmness is perfect and much better than his old single sagging mattress.

I must say Sleeping Duck’s service was very good too. The mattress was delivered in about 2 days and they call you to follow up to see how everything is going.

5 stars from us!

Check out Sleeping Duck here.

Happy shopping ♥ KC.


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