6 decorating mistakes to avoid

Not researching your furniture choices

It takes me a very long time to make decisions on big ticket items in my home. Like a couch, dining table or chairs. I like to research everything I can before I make a purchase. I measure sizes, step it out, visit every store, price everything and sit with my thoughts for a while. It will pay off in the long run if you take your time. Rushing will only leave you with wasted money and incorrect furniture sizes.

Don’t settle just because it works

This is all about your gut feeling. Don’t feel compelled to fill every space straight away. Decorating your home doesn’t need to be a race. If you’re there for a long time, it’s much better to wait until the right piece comes along. If you have a feeling that coffee table you’ve seen (which works) is a bit too small, then don’t get it. Don’t settle for it.

Don’t choose small art

Bigger is always better. Give your walls some attention and go BIG. You won’t regret it, and you won’t have to buy twice. If you’re creative, paint your own and go big! If you are placing art over your couch, bedhead, hall table etc to ensure it looks correct, your art should be 2/3 the width of the furniture you place it above. This makes the art an interesting focal point of the room.

Don’t settle on a small rug

I know! It’s soooo hard to find big floor rugs. If you have a huge space and a huge couch you need a big rug. Or, if you really can’t find a big rug, have a piece of carpet edged, or just have no rug until you can find the right one. Don’t settle!  A small rug will throw the proportion of the room out.

Don’t push all your furniture up against a wall

Pull the couch in, create conversation spaces and don’t leave awkward spaces wide open. Trust me, no one will care if they see the back of your couch.


This one is easy to do! When Kmart bring out so many affordable homeware items it’s easy to buy one of everything and fill every corner and surface in your home. Can you have a big cull at your house? My favourite homes to look at on Instagram are those where accessorising has been thought-out and minimised. Just a little pot here, or a vase there. It’s all about grouping in some places and minimising in others.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken! It depends on the shape of your room and space you have to work with, but I like to have goals and suggestions to work with to make it easier when I’m styling someone’s home. Happy decorating! ♥ KC.

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  • Grondwerken says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing these useful tips. I will surely follow them when i plan to decorate my home.

  • Libby says:

    These pictures are so beautiful and the tips are great. Please can you add links to them? I’d love to know where the painting and bench from picture 3 are from. Thank you 🙂

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi Katrina, I’m in the same predicament regarding the dining chairs. I’m waiting to see what you choose ?!

  • Michelle Harvey says:

    Yes I culled the knickknacks recently and it looks much better

  • Sharon Gill says:

    YES! Totally agree with going with vibe and gut feeling! Have been in my house for 7 years now and still waiting for the right artwork for one wall.

  • Ahaan says:

    Perfect decorating idea and tips for lovely interior.

  • Katarina - Sukhirugs.com says:

    Very useful and clever tips, thanks for sharing! I agree with all of them, especially the one about the rugs. Big rugs can set a tone to the room and become its central point. However, I found smaller rugs to have a certain charm when placed in smaller rooms. Of course, they shouldn’t be too small, but some standard size can still look good and cozy.