2018 Interior Design Trends

Last year I wrote a blog post on the 2017 Interior Design Trends we’d be expecting to see and I was happy to see some of these come to fruition. For 2018 I can see interiors won’t change dramatically, but there will be more of an injection of those warmer, richer tones. This is just my opinion though. Of course, you can perceive interiors however you like, but I am seeing these patterns/colours/styles pop up lately and my gut tells me we’ll be crushing hard.


Warm and earthy colours are here to stay. Think tan, terracotta, beige, black, emerald green and even watermelon red. When I think of warm colours I just imagine being in a forest. You’re not limited to just wall colour either – add it to your furnishings too.



Minimal is fading. Expect to see a little more character with brass, lots of clusters of trinkets on sideboards, terracotta and handmade ceramics. Plants are still in! So never fear 😉


Wall hangings

You’ll also see hanging textiles in place of framed art. So if you find an interesting piece of fabric, a quilt, or even a rug, hang it on your wall.




I don’t mind this idea! I love a bit of suede. You don’t have to do huge amounts, just a throw cushion here and there. It will mix nicely with some tan leather.



You’ll see coloured basins and baths in plush pink, terracotta, grey and black. Earthy bathrooms will be popular with brass fittings. Everything looks darker and moodier.




White is out (poo for me who has a white kitchen hahaha… but I still love it!). The trend sees the introduction of green and brown marble with very thin benchtops (shadowline). No more 60mm or 90mm tops with waterfall edges. The idea is to seamlessly integrate the benchtop in to the cabinetry. I’ve seen this lots and I do love it. Also we’ll see lots more black and painted wood (from light to dark colours).



You can expect to see low line couches, large ottomans, worn tan leather and lots of glamorous velvet. Accessorising is popular.




In – wicker, brass, wall hangings, suede, tribal patterns, tan, forest colours.

Out – florals, white kitchens, shiny objects, minimal, copper.

What do you think? Would you go for these trends?

Or what are some others you think might pop up?

♥ KC.


  • Genna Cartlidge

    Florals and whites will never be out of date in my house

  • Rebecca Senyard

    Live with what you love and it will never date. I love colour, but I don’t like the moodier darker colours I’ve been seeing in bathrooms.

  • Cathy Guppy

    Not brave enough to go too dark with anything too big or expensive. Will stick with accessorising with trend colours.

  • Amy Renae

    All my favourites are out

  • Heather Hogan

    White kitchens are like a little black dress – they will never go out of style! Use accessories to work in on-trend colours and then you can change them up when the trend goes out of fashion.

  • Eva @MoveOutMates

    I can also add modern Scandinavian approach combined with vintage industrial and golden motives its also trendy. It adds a sense of luxury in the house. I so love it. I’m planning to renovate my house the next year. I hope to have the guts to use these brave colors.
    Such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

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