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10 weatherboard house colours

Are you looking for a weatherboard paint colour? I get asked often about my own house (further down) and so I went searching for other options to show you today. Of course these colours don’t have to be limited to weatherboard, they’d look good on render or brick. You might be after a grey, a green, a brown… below are 10 weatherboard house colour which may suit your style.

Check them out…

This gorgeous light and bright beach house is painted in Dulux Grey Pebble with a Colorbond roof in Windspray.

If you’re after a creamier/browner tone then this home above is painted in Dulux Oyster Linen for the weatherboards and Aspen Snow for the trims.

This large home looks stunning sitting in nature. The boards are painted in Dulux Milton moon. I think the Colorbond roof is Windspray (I can’t confirm that, but I am just guessing?).

You might have seen this home before on social media. It’s had a massive reno (not technically weatherboard, but still an idea for you!). The main colour is Taubmans Gibraltar Grey.

A nice traditional white and grey mix here. The weatherboards are painted in Dulux Tranquil Retreat and the pathway is painted in Ironstone (Colorbond colour).

Here is a home with traditional federation features. The boards are painted in Dulux Hog Bristle and the trims are in Dulux Whisper White.

This beach shack is beautiful! The green tones suit its natural environment. I’m in love. It’s painted in Dulux White box with the planter box behind the chair in Dulux Happy Days (great contrast colour).

Oooo I love this home above – what a crisp looking weatherboard. The boards are Dulux Mt Hikurangi and the trims are Dulux St Clair Half with a Surfmist Colorbond roof.

If you’re after a darker look then this home makes it work. The weatherboard exterior is Dulux Mt Eden, window trims Vivid White, and Shale Grey for the fascia.


And finally, this is my own house. When the sun is on it (like in the photo above, which was taken ages ago because those hedges are now much bigger) the paint looks whiter and brighter, but when the sun isn’t as fierce it’s a lovely grey tone. I wrote more about my house here.


I love the grey/white tones. They are my favourite. Although I am being drawn to that green beach house too! If you’re after a WHITE interior house colour, then I wrote a big post with ideas over here too.

♥ KC.