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10 photography prints you can download now

10 photography prints you can download now

I am feeling a lot of love for photography prints lately. Anything to do with the beach, the desert, a forest, a cactus… they are filling my walls here at home. If you want a cheap way to add real life artwork to your home, then a digital download is so affordable. Most of these above are under $10 (AU) to buy, then print out yourself. Officeworks can print them for less than $20. That’s a cheap way to bring your room to life with a print!

I’ve written a tutorial on how to get them printed yourself here.

Here’s where you can buy the prints I have collected above >>

1. $7.50

2. $8.80

3. $8.00

4. $6.87

5. $4.34

6. $7.02

7. $4.34

8. $7.23

9. $8.68

10. $8.39

Save them to your computer and they are yours to keep and get printed in any size you like! ♥ KC.


  1. Cassandra Holm

    17 February

    Oooooh!!! Love the forest one!

  2. We have some great ones too! Check them out

  3. Renee

    29 March

    Hi Katrina,

    I’m about to buy a few of the lovely prints from Lila & Lola and some poster (60×90) frames from Kmart. Just wondering what size you printed the posters at at Officeworks? Can’t decide if A1 is the right choice! I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you!


    • Katrina

      30 March

      Hi Renee, the prints in A1 won’t fit the Kmart frames perfectly! I found out the hard way. So you need to go up a size and trim down. We do own a printing company, so I ended up getting them done there, but the next size up will work (just be careful of what you trim off). X

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